Friday, April 17, 2015

Budget Babes, Spring Trends 2015 - Slip-on Loafers.

TGIF everyone. Got anything planned for this third weekend of April? I cannot believe this month is half-way over (a little more, actually) already. But it looks like Spring is on its way here, FINALLY. I still have a few cute, not very Spring-like outfits to show you though, but not today. It is the second week of Budget Babes - Spring Trends. Today we are showing you Slip-on Loafers. You know how it works -- MARIA from Not Fancy, Just LifeRACHEL from Garay Treasures and myself are styling head to toe Outfits, featuring one Spring Trend and staying under a 75$ budget. Cool, right?
Looks like Rachel and Maria are proudly wearing Blue with their cute loafers - it is a great color for Spring, after all. Love that striped top, Rachel and your cardigan, Maria. I need a Cobalt Cardigan, badly. I, just like last week had Pastels in mind. Check out Maria's and Rachel's posts today to see more of their outfits.
This Light-Colored Outfit at first glance looks pretty Monochrome. I am wearing New, Lace-covered, Floral Slip-On Sneakers that I got for 18 bucks. I wanted to wear this Floral Pencil Skirt and dress it down. It is crazy how much the Sneakers match it and yes I am mixing two different florals but they are so alike in shades of Coral and Tan, so it worked. Another way I dressed down the Skirt is by wearing one of my long-ignored Sweatshirts. The coral writing on this Graphic Sweatshirt also worked with my Coral Statement Necklace (my Top 10 item). Finally, I added a New Summer Fedora which is in a Lovely Pastel Baby Pink/Blush. It worked well for the Outfit and for third-day hair. So, the Skirt was 25 bucks, the Sweatshirt 11 bucks, the Necklace 7 bucks and the Hat 10 bucks, which if you add the Slip-on Sneakers to the total equals to 71 bucks, cutting it pretty close LOL. I do have on Real Gold+Diamond Hoops but they were a gift from my husband, plus we are not counting Fine Jewelry in our outfits. What do you think the way I dressed down my Pastel Floral Pencil Skirt?
Tiny, Real Gold Hoops w/ Real Diamonds: A Fine Jewelry Store (gifted from the husband) (very similar, Splurge). (very similar, Steal), (similar gorgeous option by Judith Ripka, great deal, love these).

P.S. I am linking up with Whitney for Create 28 (Sneakers and Pattern Mixing).