Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Elegant Bussines-Woman.

I love wearing business dressy pants or trousers to work, especially on those days when I got something important like a meeting, a conference or a Corporate VIP visiting. I own several trousers or work pants, mostly from retailers like The Limited & Express, but also some from NY&Co, White House Black Market, Gap & Old Navy. This pretty Kelly Green shell is one of my favorite blouses and I like to think of it as "a lucky top" as well. When I was interviewing to find a job, I wore it a few times, either paired with this black cardigan or a black blazer. I sometimes wore a black pencil skirt on the bottom, sometimes black pants/trousers and other times I wore my houndstooth Green & Black pencil skirt that matches it beautifully. I was wearing this shell with my black blazer & black pencil skirt for my first interview with my current job. I found out from that very first interview that I was a strong, winning cadidate. It was pretty much a done deal by the second interview, even-though I had a third, formal interview. In honor of getting the job, I even wore my "lucky top" on my first day of work. I kept the waist up portion of my outfit the same, but changed the bottom. Here is that same outfit. I do like it with the skirt. That is one of my favorite cold-weather skirts but I think I like it a little more with these trousers. There is an elegance and powerful aspect to this trousers look. It makes me feel like a strong & successful business-woman. Whether I am or not is a different story. LOL
Black Cardigan: Express.
Bright Green, Silky Shell, with a Rosette Ruffled Detail on 1 Side: The Limited.
Wide-Legged Gray Tweed Pants: NY&Co. (New York & Company).
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.
Black & Silver, Sparkly & Stretchy, Bobble Bracelet: Purchased at a Boutique in London.
Cognac, Braided, Skinny, Leather Belt: The Limited.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.


  1. Yes this is a very casual business look that is very flattering and you look good in that shade of green, i have items in my closet that i consider "lucky" too.
    I am specially fond of that nice bracelet you are wearing.

    1. I am sure we all have our 'lucky' items. I love this fairly-new bracelet, as well. =)


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