Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thursday Moda #202: Mommy+Daughter Valentine's Looks + Collaboration.

Mommy & Daughter Valentine's Day Style
This Thursday Moda post is super super late today because I have been sick since Sunday and by far last night was the worst I have felt during this cold, I barely slept and I even had to call off work today, after all no one could even hear my voice. I have been laying in bed and trying to relax and get better all day and even napped on+off. But, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, today on February 13th 2020 I had a very special Mother+Daughter Post I am collaborating on with my friend Laura and her daughter Claire, so here I am, many many hours late but still ready to have the post go LIVE finally!

We ended up wearing these particular Valentine's Day looks last Sunday (10 days ago) to church and it was also the warmest our temperatures have been this Winter since it was up to 54-55 degrees and quite sunny. It has snowed 3 times since then, the latest of which was this morning. I went for a silky red blouse by H+M (new) paired with this comfortable pair of black skinny jeans by Loft (also new), I love those little gold grommets the pants have on each side. Over my blouse I wore this breezy, sporty, tweedy open blazer also by Loft (it is in a sweatshirt material) and I accessorized with my black satin pearl headband (by Target) and a crystal necklace and earrings I have had for years (the colors are between an olive and a champagne). As you can see it was warm enough for sunglasses and though I own a ton of pairs, these taupe ones by Loft are one of my most favorites, plus they match those perforated open-toe nude booties by Target, perfectly. Vivian did not match me this time but she looked adorable in her baby pink cotton and mesh dress by The Children's Place, she loved twirling in it. The top of that dress is sequins under the mesh layer. We paired it with white tights that have gold foil hearts all over them and her shimmery baby pink bow sneakers (both by Target). Vivian wanted to keep her hair down and wore her sparkly pom-pom pink headband on her hair. She looks so cute in all of the photos I took of her. 

 Valentine's Day, heart print blouse, white jeans, rose gold loafers, mommy & me valentine's day
I love how Laura+Claire did the opposite of our looks: I was in a red top and she is in a pink one, Vivian is in a light pink dress while Claire is in a red one. I paired my red top with black skinny jeans and heels, while Laura paired hers with white skinny jeans and flats. I adore, adore Laura's blouse, it is so cutesy Valentine! I also like Claire's dress so much, Mother+Daughter both killed it in prints.

Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

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  1. Rest up Ada! I hope you are feeling better soon! You and Vivian look fabulous as always! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Happy Valentines day.

  3. Such a fun and cute post! I hope you feel better soon!

    Emma xxx

  4. Your photos are really adorable dear! Hope you feel better soon.

    Jessica |


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