Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Sophisticated Work Outfit and a Life Update.

Guys, I cannot catch a break. Between always working hard, working almost every Saturday and long weekends for that matter, making sure Vivian does her homework, dropping her off to school every morning, trying to spend as much quality time with her as possible, Instagramming, blogging, writing and whatnot, we have that other thing we have to worry about and take care of and it is the most important thing of all: HEALTH. Since Sunday Vivian hasn't been feeling very well, but I had promised her we were going to one of my best friends to carve pumpkins with her and her son and I kept my promise. She forgot all about her coughing and bad scratchy voice. The kids carved and painted their pumpkins, drew and painted pictures, we ordered carryout, watched "The Elf" (which believe it or not it was the first time that Vivian or I) and called it a day. I really wanted to write a blog post, but all I wanted to do when I got home was go to bed early and sleep, after all I had a super early day on Monday. 

Monday morning, Viv still woke up with her scratchy voice but didn't have any fever so I opted to take her to school and let her sleep a half hour longer and drove her to school instead of taking the bus. Unfortunately her school called a couple of times, between 11.00 and noon because my poor baby wasn't feeling good. The earliest I could leave work was 1.00 P.M. and even had to go back because I had some important meeting and speaking of Monday, today's outfit that I am blogging is indeed from Monday when our highs were about 64 degrees, it felt like mid Spring, let me tell you. But after picking Vivian from school, she got a fever later on Monday and to make a long story - short, she has been sick ever since and continues to be sick. She has missed school for two days and it looks like tomorrow which is Halloween will be the third day she misses school. I took her to the doctor yesterday morning which also means I had to miss work. Her doctor said she has croup. And I cannot take her to school until her voice and cough feel a lot better. Not only is she missing school for the third day in a row tomorrow, but she is also missing her school Halloween celebration and trick or treating tomorrow night. Plus, it is expected to be very chilly here tomorrow and lots of rain. My poor baby. Please, please keep Vivian and I in our prayers, we need some good vibes our way. As I mentioned, our health and our kids' health is super important!! 

As I mentioned above, this is the outfit I wore on Monday, I had a big important day, though it got cut short because I had to pick off my sweetie early from school (due to her being ill). I wasn't able to take any full-outfit pictures of this look, everything I snapped is a selfie through my phone. But I quite liked the outfit and because it is such a Sophisticated Work Outfit, I decided to share it with you, on the blog. I am wearing one of my favorite blouses - a Cherry-Print Black+White Pussybow Blouse - and I paired it with a Classy+Sexy Black Faux Leather Wrap Pencil Skirt, both pieces are by LOFT and I love them. On the bottom I am wearing Sheer Polka Dot Black Tights and Open-Toe Black Booties. This is a very chic Black+White, Monochromatic Outfit and one thing is for sure: I will re-wear it again and take full head to toe photos with it. Plus, this outfit got a few compliments, by both men and women. Do you like this office-chic look?! I hope so.