Sunday, October 13, 2019

Own Your Life - Poetry.

Sometimes I think about this, especially in this day and age. It is 2019 and we are so much "affected" and influenced by what we see, hear, watch, read, blog, google, etc. I mean besides the ever-growing days of social media and virtual marketing, now the word "influencer" refers to someone's job or profession if we can call it that. Whether we want to or not, what we see others doing, drinking, dieting, eating, buying, shopping for, exercising, applying, listening to, attending, etc, etc. affects us, our own lives, it affects our ways of living and our own experiences. So, in my own words, in a free-style I wrote a poetry about this. I think writing about these things especially as bloggers and some of us as Instagram micro-influencers and being open about these things is important, true and cathartic! So I did, I wrote about it! By the end of the poem, you will see that there is indeed a very positive message here and a strong, realistic one too! Hope you enjoy it. =)

Own Your Life!
[1.30 P.M., October 15th, 2019.]

The "In Crowd", the coolest, the fastest, the best,
this world will never make us rest!
We drive in an ever-evolving society,
our wheels sometimes don't hit the ground...

Aiming after the best things to go after,
the latest new trends and fads to try,
trying the latest new diets, 
searching for that perfect mascara, lipstick, tea, coffee drink,
                                                                whatever it may be!

Zooming into our photos and smoothing away every flaw,
trying to compete with the best influencers out there,
comparing our lives to others', changing our clothes, our homes,
always falling victims, becoming a product whore!

But life is not all smoke, flowers and mirrors,
life is not just sweet chocolates and pink rosé,
in that beautiful downtown restaurant you are dressing sharp to go to...
there is a single mom trying to earn lots of tips for her starving kids,
a toddler crying hysterically because they don't get their way...
an alcoholic dad who is drowning his sorrows through a shot of whiskey and a glass of merlot,
an on-and-off couple that is fighting as they are prepping small plates,
a chef who looks down on his cooks as knives cut fresh meats...

Everywhere you may be, wherever you are,
everyone has problems like or unlike yours,
one day you will be just like the shooting star,
your moment will come, ...while other times you will be let down!

So earn your flaws, own your mistakes,
it's OK if everything doesn't look perfect or finished,
a happy home is made up of messes and chaos,
a happy heart isn't always joyful, sometimes it is shattered!

Life is not the perfect Millennial Pink palette
you see on that beautifully-filtered Instagram feed,
life does not measure through the number of your followers, your likes and your clicks,
life is the sum of your experiences, your failures, your growth and your bliss!

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