Saturday, September 14, 2019

Late Summer Days (part 1): The Best Grandma & Downtown Milford.

Sayings like this on a random red brick wall, in front of a pretty home decor local boutique are great reminders that this is indeed a beautiful world and even on those days when you feel sick, beat down, angry, frustrated or unhappy, you should not forget how beautiful this world is and that you are worth it!! Worth it to live in this beautiful world and experience all the beautiful things it has to offer, let go of all the negativity and all the negative people, trust your gut and lead with your kind heart! I even mentioned similar things in my most recent Instagram post.
In these late Summer Days I am all about spending as much time outdoors as you can, visiting the cute towns and downtowns by you - like my mom, my daughter and I did this August day in Milford - and appreciate the beauty of nature, the warm (yet) days, the weather which is still warm enough to go without sleeves and legs fully-exposed and continue to make wishes by little fountains - why not?! That is one of Vivian's most favorite things to do: having a coin or two, closing her gorgeous eyes and very thoughtfully - for a good minute or so - thinking of one or more wishes she is about to make as she holds the coin with two fingers close to her face, and is about ready to toss it into the fountain. And she looks quite stylish doing it, too, like the day she wore this beautiful Living Coral Fit+Flare Guitar-Print dress by the Genuine Kids line at Target, accessorized beautifully with little lace-trimmed white socks + adorable patterned white sneakers, a rainbow-colored striped bow and her polka-dot little bunny aqua purse (also by Target). But let me sing praises to the other sweet lady in this post, my dear mama who is...

I am thankful to my mom every day that I am the one that gets to call her mom. She is a wonderful woman with a very kind, genuine and quite forgiving heart. Her heart is too big and too forgiving sometimes. She is also very sensitive and wears her emotions on her sleeve. Lately she has had some hard times and been hurt and rejected a lot by people she thought loved her and cared for her. But - eventhough she doesn't read my blog - I want her to know that I am here for her, even more now since I have become a mother myself. I am here for my mom as a shoulder to vent or cry on, just like she has been there for me. And I haven't always been a great daughter. I know I haven't. A woman never as before realizes the importance and kindness of a mother, as the moment she becomes a mother herself. And even-though when I became a mom, my mother lived over 5000 miles away from me, I knew how even more crucial, more loving and more important she would become to me and my little baby, too. My wonderful mama loves my little Vivian to pieces and is such a fantastic grandma to her. I can always count on my mom for all the Saturdays I have to work and she has to watch Vivian for long hours. Vivian on the other hand loves her "nena" so much. She helps her with cleaning and organizing and plays sous chef when my wonderful cook of a mom cooks! 

I love these ladies so much, they have been and WILL ALWAYS BE THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMEN IN MY LIFE and the ones who will always have the biggest impact and influence on me! If your relationship with your mother is not the greatest, even if she hasn't been a good mom, I hope my post today will put you in the mood to call your mom, text her or try to talk to her, treat her to lunch, open up to her! She deserves it, trust me!


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