Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dinner Date Appropriate.

Sometimes I don't have time for a full-on shoot of the outfit I am currently wearing, so I snap some selfies with my cell-phone and call it a day. I am guessing I am not alone, right?! You, as a blogger do this too?! Sometimes those selfies turn out amazing and other times they are blurry, not the best, etc. Unfortunately I 1] Didn't have time for a photo-shoot the evening I wore this cute outfit and 2] The few selfies I took with my Samsung Galaxy phone didn't turn out great at all (and I apologize in advance about that). I think the lens of my phone was dirty, in all honesty. But, this outfit was too cute not to photograph and the dinner I ended up eating was too yummy and too pretty not to photograph. On top of that, though you can't tell very well, my makeup and hair was on point! So I am being a bad blogger, sharing horrible not-Instagram-worthy photos, but keeping it real and being myself nevertheless. I will be sharing a little selfie video of this outfit on my Instagram stories though so check that out and please follow me on Instagram if you don't already. I appreciate it. =)

Dinner  Date  Appropriate.
I think this outfit is indeed very Dinner Date Appropriate for a Spring Evening. Booties paired with skinny jeans or skinny pants and a blouse on top is an outfit formula for me I wear and re-wear all the time, for any season really, but especially for Spring and early Summer. Plus, this outfit paired with a cardigan on top (which I wore but didn't photograph in real life) or a blazer, a light jacket or a moto/leather jacket on top, makes a great Date Night, Dinner or Evening Look. Depending on the chill factor and on the season, you can go for a regular bootie or a peep-toe bootie. My nude/camel booties are perforated, with block heels, and they are by Target. They are comfortable, elegant, pretty and go with so many looks! The Red Boho-Style Blouse with the flowers which look like pink dandelions is also from Target. FYI, I wore this red floral blouse just yesterday and paired it with Black Leggings and Millennial Pink Runners (sneakers) - super cute athleisure look. I love the little dandelion-looking flowers on this blouse. I spoke about pink dandelions in my most recent Instagram post too - check it out! Also my Lavender Acrylic Hoops (this pair) are by Target (from Sugarfix via BaubleBar). So Booties + Skinny Jeans + Blouse = a Spring Outfit Formula perfect for date night. But honestly this outfit would work from day to night because it is both dressy yet pretty casual. Last but not least, I want to focus a little bit on my beautiful waves going on in my hair (all natural too, as a result of keeping my hair in a bun for the first half of the day) and my makeup was all translucent - very natural and pretty. I like that I chose bright pink lipstick to bring out the pink flowers from the blouse. What is a dinner date appropriate outfit for you?! What is an outfit formula you like to wear for Spring?!

As far as dinner goes, it was amazing. We ate at "Steve and Rocky's, a very good privately-owned (and run by its own chef) restaurant located in Novi, Michigan. Their menu changes a little daily and they are known for excellent seafood and fresh fish dishes (the photo above is the amazing swordfish I ate, over rice in a creamy saffron sauce; pictured below is the lamb shank). "Steve and Rocky's" is also known for their beautiful dessert tray filled with amazing desserts made scrumptious by a pastry chef with new selections weekly and the stunning and very tasty dessert made of dark chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream and berries was amazing and melted in my mouth. I love the combination of chocolate+berries anytime. Needles to say this early-celebration dinner with a friend, turned out to be a great evening made even more amazing and special by the amazing+special food. Plus I felt very pretty so that's a huge plus!

P.S. As I am writing this post, I am re-watching (since I doozed off a little but last week) the very first episode of "The Bachelorette". I have always watched "The Bachelor" franchise shows and for the past 2-3 years now I have thought about writing a recap post of the episodes, using my own words, my own humor, etc. I know that you can read several recaps (from different websites) of these Bachelor/Bachelorette episodes each week, but I think each of us have our own voice and our own take on anything in life, including a guilty pleasure and a little trashy 'reality' show. So, my question to you is: Should I start recapping The Bachelorette?! Would you be interested in reading those posts?! Please let me know in the comments. Thanks so much. I appreciate it!


  1. The food looks amazing. Also you top is super cute outfit.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely evening out and the food sounds amazing. I am a big fan of seafood probably because it's a treat around these parts. I usually watch the Bachelor as well but haven't started this season and am thinking maybe I shouldn't as it eats away so much of my time. BUt I do love a good laugh.

  3. That's a pretty top. Sounds like a great dinner out.

  4. Ada, I love this outfit and that food all looks so amazing! Hey, and sometimes, we just have to share the not so great photos. I do it all the time! It is what it is. And you still look great!


  5. Lovely look dear. Such a chic top, perfect for dinner dates indeed.

    Jessica |


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