Monday, June 11, 2018

Mom Babe Athleisure.


I have used the term "Mom Babe" for months now and I want to explain it a little. To me a Mom Babe kind of outfit is the an outfit that is simple, casual, relaxed, perhaps even with a sporty or an athleisure vibe but that still looks good and put-together. It is totally a mom outfit, for a busy mom, a mom on the go, a stay-at-home mom or a mom on her day or on weekends off running errands. Just like my simple, casual yet put-together outfit today where I wore Black Athleisure/Workout Leggings (love the chevron stripes off the side) and paired them with a Classic Baby Blue+White Striped Button-Down Shirt, a Light-Wash Denim Jacket on top, with my Tasseled Leopard Loafers and some Fun Rose Gold Mirrored Sunglasses. My loafers are a couple of years old from Charlotte Russe, Leggings are new-ish by Meijer's (who is also a grocery store, but they have many cute clothes), Button-Down Shirt is by Banana Republic and the Denim Jacket is by Aeropostale. These photos didn't come out nice and I couldn't check them afterwards because my camera did this weird thing where I couldn't open the pics, so I do apologize that most of the full-length photos look blurry or very bright due to the sun. My jacket was originally 98 bucks but I got it for like 80% OFF. It is the perfect light wash denim jacket and it is embroidered completely on the back.

I wore this outfit last week when I took Vivian to her last day of pre-school. A lot of times when I take Vivian to school, I would be off from work so I didn't necessarily dress up while taking her to school. But I am never the type to go out in her PJs and sweats like I have seen many moms do during school drop-offs or pick-ups. I always want to look nice. It was a little chilly that morning so the jacket on top was totally needed.


  1. Love these cute leggings! I adore your mom babe look :)

  2. I’m so going to have to start using mom babe for my outfit. I never go anywhere in public with my pjs on. I will get the trash can and mail in them.

  3. Perfect casual look! love your top!

    xx, Elise

  4. Great look Ada - I LOVE the sunglasses!

  5. You are rocking this look! Love those leggings!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  6. Love a stripy top with a bit of denim! Rocking it Ada!! xx Maria

  7. So sassy and cool, my friend! I am loving your denim jacket, leopard flats and your amazing sunglasses! Total mom babe!


  8. Really cute! Have a great week!

  9. Just love this outfit, totally says mom babe to me! I just got a similar striped shirt. I love to wear leggings whenever I can! ha!


  10. Thanks for hosting and also for joining me on the #chicandstylish #linkup Jacqui Mummabstylish


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