Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Forward.

We have already entered the middle of March, though with our super cold weather these days you wouldn't be able to tell. It is only around 25 Fahrenheit degrees right now as I am typing this. At least it is very sunny. This weekend on Sunday we Spring Forward and turn our clocks an hour ahead, which means we will loose an hour of sleep but gain an hour of daytime instead - and I am all for that. In honor of Springing Forward and since March is the first official month of Spring (Spring is only a dozen days away), today I am bringing you a post compiled with the prettiest photos and quotes. All of these photos I found online are from my home-town state of Michigan and the quotes are different definitions of Spring. I will let the pictures speak for themselves and keep this short+sweet today. Enjoy these and TGIF!!

Speaking of Spring, you all really liked my Spring Look yesterday so thank you all for the compliments and e-mails. On my Flashback Friday post next, I will feature some Favorite Floral+more Spring Looks from last year that I loved wearing. Stay tuned. =)


  1. I can't say enough of how excited I am for Spring! I look forward to the longer - and warmer - days and all the dresses and sandals! Yay! :) <3

    Sabina | I've Got Sunshine

  2. It was 15 this weekend here! A blizzard tomorrow!

  3. I LOVE all the Tulips and yay for spring


  4. Beautiful photos! My husband just cut the lawn for the first time this year and the smell was wonderful :-)

    Emma xxx


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