Monday, May 25, 2015

New Floral Midi Skirt and a Little Lace.

Hope you all had a warm, sunny and festive Memorial Day. It was cold, chilly and rainy here since Saturday and today continues to be so, actually even colder. So don't let my outfit fool you. It was worn last Friday May 22nd when the weather was still warm and sunny. Currently, we are experiencing a little Winter during this late May so if you see some more Wintery Outfits here within the next two weeks, blame it on the weather.
Last week, I featured a New Floral Midi Skirt which I styled very casually. The one you see today is also new; it is actually the most recent one in my collection of Full Midi Skirts and I purchased it on my Birthday, with a friend. She made me do it. She saw it and loved it on me. But, seriously, I had been looking for one of these sort of striped organza floral skirts for a while now, especially in a dark background. This one is black with red, yellow, coral and pink flowers and roses which makes it go with so many other colors. This was my second and only other work outfit from last week. I currently only work (teach) part-time, 2-3 times a week so when I get the chance to dress up, I do. At this point I am not sure I will be going back to my former full-time job, because I am staying home with Vivian for as long as I need to. Anyway, this Skirt was paired with a Light Spring, Elbow-Sleeve Sweater from Express and my Black Lacy Peep-toe Pumps which are perfect for "A Little Bit of Lace" which is the current theme over at Creative Closet, so I am linking up there. Plus I do not own a lot of lace pieces in my closet, not at all. For fun,I layered a Long, Dainty Gold Necklace with a Statement Neon Necklace and to add to the Retro, Lady-like feel I was going for I added a Flower to my bun. My Students as well as a Colleague complimented me a lot on this outfit. So did my husband. That same colleague said that she loves the way I dress, which made my Friday lol. What do you think? Do you own a Dark Floral, Full Midi Skirt? If so, how have you styled it so far? Comment me any suggestions. Thanks and Happy Tuesday!
Mustard Chiffon Flower Ponytail Holder: A Local Accessories Boutique (very similar in white, love this), (similar in soft pink, best deal, love this), (dressy option, Splurge).

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