Monday, September 14, 2015

Pineapples and Polka Dots.

I swear one of these days, I will get my shit together and do a normal posting schedule on this blog, like at least try to post (on the days I decide to post like maybe Mon-Thur, Mon-Fri, or Mon+Thur with a Sat or Sun thrown in) on the exact same time each day, but life gets in the way. Just keeping things real on this little blog of mine and not letting this time-consuming hobby consume my entire day, if you know what I mean. So, with that said it is after 10.00 PM on this Monday and I am just now posting this post I planned for much earlier today. And since I am super behind with Summer outfits still, you get my Pineapple Shorts on repeat, but with a Polka Dot B+W Peplum Top this time. I threw in a Purple+White Beaded Necklace, a couple of Bracelets, my Royal Blue Jelly Thong Sandals and called it a morning lol. Oh and Vivian makes an appearance - it has been a while for her. My little girl loves outdoor parks so muuuuuch! Speaking of Summer (still) a few more Shorts and Skirts from this Summer are heading to this blog, this week!
Vivian's sandals (though in a much lighter blue) are also Jelly Sandals, like mine. =) And I do apologize about my chipped toe polish, also. Oops.
Pink Bow Hair Tie w/ White Polka Dots: Random Street Vendor.
Leopard Hair Claw: Random Street Vendor.

Vivian's Outfit:
Yellow Cap-Sleeve Dress w/ Navy+Purple Flowers: Old Navy.
2 little blue Bow Barettes w/ Red Polka Dots: Conad's.
Green Bow Barrette w/ Minnie Mousse: A Random Boutique.
Striped White Socks: Gap.
Turquoise Jelly Sandals: Random Street Vendor.

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  1. I totally hear you. It can be so hard to get post up at the same time each day. You will figure out you blog schedule soon. Love the purple and blue together.

  2. Loving your polka dots, lady!

    And I'm up really early on blog days, too- and it's definitely SO tough! Tired today- I'm going to need a nap. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. What a cute mix! Pineapple and polka dots are amazing together!

  4. Such a fun mix of prints! I love the photos of your daughter too - she is so cute!!!

  5. You and Viv look too cute!! Loving the pineapple shorts!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  6. Love the pineapple print with the polka dots! Great combo!
    Thanks for joining our Tuesday Fashion Party Link-Up!!

  7. If I had those pineapple shorts, they would be on repeat all of the time! I love them with the polka dots! Vivian is looking adorable too!

    Doused In Pink

  8. Those shorts Ada!!! Love them! And completely know what you mean about finding time for blogging and posting, life just has to take priority! Sorry I've been a bit absent, but thank you SO much for linking up always to #AllAboutYou xx

  9. Vivian is getting so big - I love the pictures of the two of you together! Your shorts are so cute, and I love them with the peplum top. Beautiful outfit!

  10. I am really digging pineapples this year and they are so cute on those shorts. I really like the b/w polka dotted peplum blouse, too. AND those SHOES are SO fun! Your daughter must be excited to have such a stylish mom to look up to!

    Oh, and since school started... I feel like I am running the kids everywhere and I never have time to blog! I am up way too late blogging!


  11. These shorts are adorable Ada, and hey you don't need to apologize about the posts being here and there I enjoy your posts when you do blog but sometimes life is so busy and takes priority, you are one busy momma but I know how those days can be.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"

    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  12. Those shorts are so cute! I just love the pineapple print!


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