Thursday, August 6, 2015

Guest Post: Whitney with the 6 Remix featuring a Michigan Tee.

Hello ladies. Today's Guest Post is one of my favorites because I asked one of my favorite bloggers and blogging friends to do one of my own series: The 6 Remix. Whitney is from Michigan - my second home, and where I am flying to on this very day. She is a Spunky and Stylish French Teacher. She loves Michigan as much as I do, so as one of the 6 pieces she chose a Graphic Tee "Smitten with the Mitten" in honor of Michigan (which is shaped like a mitten, for you who don't know this fun fact). I absolutely love this tee and I also love the fabulous maxi skirt and scalloped shorts Whitney included in her 6 pieces. Each outfit is so cute and casual yet very put-together. Enjoy!!

Good morning, lovely ladies!  My name is Whitney and I blog over at Whitney à la mode.  I am super excited to be guest posting for Ada today for a couple of reasons.  First of all, isn't Ada the sweetest?!  She is one of those gems in this blogging world who always has the kindest words of encouragement.  Also, the reason I'm posting for Ada today is that she is currently en route to Michigan, which is where I live!  Do you know what that means?  I will actually get to meet Ada in real life!  I am so looking forward to giving her a big hug and meeting the ever-adorable Vivian.

I love Ada's 6x6 remixes that she usually posts on the 6th of each month.  So, since today is August 6th, I'm here to show you my take on a mini-remix!  Given Ada's imminent arrival in the Mitten State, the item around which I chose to design my remix is this adorable tee from Michigan Awesome!

Without further ado, here are the pieces (or extremely similar pieces) I've chosen for the remix:

If you've ever popped over to my blog before, you've probably noticed that I love graphic tees!  I think that they are such a fun way to express your personality through your clothing!  One of my favorite ways to style a graphic tee is with a skirt.  I think it's more interesting than pairing a t-shirt with jeans, plus it fits with my more feminine style.

Another obvious way to wear a graphic tee is with a pair of shorts (such an easy, summer look, right?)!  I love my scalloped shorts because they are just as easy as a plain pair of shorts but with a little extra detail!

Another type of top that I love wearing during the summer is a flowy blouse!  Even when the temperatures are soaring, you can look cute and comfortable.  I received this top and skirt from Le Tote (here is my review of Le Tote if you are unfamiliar with the service) and I love the boho vibe that they created together!

Of course this beautiful blouse works really well with my scalloped shorts, too!  I added a crystal statement necklace to give the ensemble more of a dressy feel.

This striped top might be my most-worn piece of clothing.  Is there anything more classic than a black and white striped Breton top?  I loved pairing it with the neutral, olive maxi skirt but I decided to throw-on my Kendra Scott necklace for a pop of color!

And finally, my stripes and scallops look!  Another wardrobe staple of mine is my denim vest.  It's such an easy way to add interest to an outfit during the summer when it's too warm to wear extra sleeves.

So there you have it!  My Michigan-themed 6x6 remix!  Which look do you like the best?  And if you were to remix your favorite graphic tee, which would you choose and how would you wear it?

Thanks for visiting with me today and I would love to see you over at Whitney à la mode!  And let's all send some positive vibes to Ada today as she makes her voyage to the Mitten State!


Aren't all of these outfits adorable? The first and fifth looks are my favorite. Thank you for all the positive traveling wishes too, Whitney. I hope flying with a 2.5 year old today goes as smoothly as possible. And if you enjoyed Whitney make sure you stop by her blog and come back here next Friday on August 14th because she is taking over my blog, once again. =)


  1. Great guest post, lady! Thanks so much for sharing + happy Thursday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. That tee is adorable! Love all of these cute outfits Whitney created!


  3. Lovely remixing Whitney! I really like that maxi skirt! :)

  4. Love all these looks. And that Michigan tee is super cute. Loving the Michigan connection. Always so fun to meet more bloggers from Michigan.

  5. Um, how cute is Whitney with her stripes and Michigan tee??! I love that you are all gung ho on Michigan!! My hubby is a Notre Dame fan, so ANYTHING Michigan isn't allowed in our house but I appreciate fashion in all shapes and forms!!! Hope you are having a great vaca!! XOXOXO

  6. These looks are so cute! I love graphic tees too! I love pairing them with a button down in the fall! I hear that Michigan is gorgeous in the summer time too! Susan

  7. Great remix! Whitney is so good at styling graphic tees!


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