Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Black, Blue and Red.

I have been wearing a lot of Black+Blue lately as well as a lot of Black+Red (you have seen some of it but there will be further proof of this, in early future outfits). Well, for this Outfit I combined Black, Blue and Red altogether. And I must say I loved the results of this Winter edition trio of colors.
I tend to dress up more during December for the big Holiday month, especially since this year I am once again working and last time I worked in December I was 8 to 9 months pregnant so comfort was key. And you can get away with more casual outfits, at the work-place, while pregnant. So, for this work day I wore a Dress which has a Tiered, Silky Skirt in a Graphic Blue/White/Black Print and it is simply Black with an Open Neckline on top. I paired it with my Classic Black WHBM Blazer, some See-through Black Tights, my Royal Blue Oxford Booties and a Blue Beaded Necklace+Matching Earrings. I added my pops of Red via the Red+Blue Scarf, my Red Bag and some Red Lipstick. I ended up taking lots of photos, because during some parts of the day, I kept the Scarf on and it was very much part of the Outfit, when it was warmer I took it off. And no coat was necessary on this day. As a matter of fact after a lunch appointment, I took my Blazer off while walking outside for a little bit. I have gotten a lot of questions about my MK Bag. I purchased it about 8 months ago, but you can still find some online and there is also another, newer version of this Tote which I love. I linked up some options, below. Also, I found some gorgeous similar sheaths and dresses that I linked up. Have you worn Black, Red and Blue lately?

Dainty, 2-Stranded Silver Necklace w/ Glass Royal Blue Beads: White House Black Market (similar, necklace+earring set, best deal), (similar by Kenneth Cole, love this), (gorgeous bis style by INC, love this).
Dangly Silver Beaded Earrings w/ Glass Royal Blue Beads (set w/ the necklace): White House Black Market (similar, necklace+earring set, best deal), (gorgeous, dressy option by Kenneth Cole), (fun statement earrings by JC Penney, love these).
Black, Classic, Plastic "Wayfarer" Sunglasses: Ray Ban (identical), (tortoise version by Ray Ban, love these), (similar by Marc Jacobs, great deal, love these).
Large, Red Leather Handbag w/ Gold Hardware: Michael Kors (same), (very similar), (similar 1), (similar 2).

I am also passing on my fit+flare dress, booties and black tights from Alex's Outfit onto mine so I am linking up with her and Whitney for their "Take one, pass it on" Link-up.


  1. Love the tiered skirt Ada, so pretty!! This is such a chic look on you, love how you styled it. Hope you are having a great week sweet lady:)

  2. I LOVE the lace up booties, really anything blue these days. Great look today, Happy Tuesday Ada and thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" today, I hope you get to try Stephanies scrub out too. Rachel xo

  3. So cute! Loving that skirt! So fun!

    <3 Shannon

  4. What a great look! You look amazing! I love the red bag!

  5. you look so happy. I have yet to dress up this season.

  6. I love black and red together! Actually, I'm wearing black and red today :) I'll have to try throwing in a dash of blue too!


  7. I know that dress! I was actually just thinking about how I haven't worn that dress in a long time! I haven't worn black red and blue together in months! I'll have to do it again sometime soon :)

  8. I love that skirt Ada, the pattern, colours and tiered style are all striking.

  9. I love how those reds and blues look together! Thanks for linking up, Ada!

  10. I freaking love those booties! I wish I had a pair! Thanks for linking-up my friend!

  11. What a pretty skirt! Love the pattern! Those blue booties are fabulous1


  12. I really like the cobalt and red together! What a great combo! THat skirt is so cute, too!

  13. what an awesome skirt, I am in love and I am crying over that bag OMG. so perfect.

  14. Beautiful color combination! That skirt is so pretty and looks wonderful on you!

  15. Great colors together on you! I love the blue skirt and the pretty jacket. Now those booties are so sweet!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  16. Hi Ada! I am loving that skirt, the color and the style is just beautiful! You look so put together and chic as always!

  17. Like the red, blue, and black together and love that purse!
    Dawn Lucy

  18. So sorry I've been missing from your blog! I went on vacation and it's taken forever to catch up. Love this outfit on you - the skirt is so pretty! Have a good week!

  19. Fab colour combos - you look great! And I love that red bag - perfect for this time of year :)

    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou xx


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