Friday, August 22, 2014

Remixing Clothes and an Announcement.

Happy Friday all. I better keep this as short as possible today since I have to pack for the three of us. Later today, after my husband gets out of work, we will be driving to the beach and staying there for the next 3 days. Sunshine, sea and sand here we come! I will be back stopping by your blogs and commenting in the beginning of next week. What are you up to this weekend?
So, I have worn these 3 outfits over the last couple of weeks. I figured I better wear some Yellow before Summer is gone and this Soft Yellow Tee is also in a Soft, Comfortable Cotton and it has Pretty, Puffy Sleeves with little buttons on the side, why have I ignored it? So, just like with most outfits this week, I am wearing some items that I am no longer neglecting, sort of remixing my closet (it happened without thinking about it) at the same time. First I paired the Tee with my New Black+White Striped Maxi Skirt. After purchasing it almost 2 months ago, it's about time I wear it, no? Then, I paired it with my Ikat Black+White Shorts which I love. My sub-conscience told me to wear this Yellow Top with B+W Prints on the bottom again, and without even thinking about it I chose Black Flip Flops once again and even the same hair-style (a messy bun) and no jewelry, since it was hot. It's funny because these first 2 Outfits were worn many days apart from one-another yet they are so similar. Then, you see those same Ikat Shorts again pattern-mixed with my Red+White Striped Tank Top. I threw in some more White+Red Accessories for good measure and I was done. 

So what I basically did here I took one item and passed it on to the second outfit, then I took an item from that second outfit and passed it on to the third outfit. Note, these were not worn 3 days in a row, but as I was looking into my Outfit Photos on my lap-top I noticed this remix. Perfect to post these 3 Outfits today because I am announcing that I will be doing a 30 for 30 Summer remix. I know what you are thinking that Summer is almost over, but trust me it ain't over before the end of September around here. As I am typing this, is around 90 degrees. Plus, in real life I started my 30 for 30 Remix Summer challenge on Monday this week, which means I will finish by mid September which calendar-wise means it will still be Summer. So on September 1st, I will start posting my 30 for 30 Outfits on the blog, and sometime next week I will post the items I selected for this challenge, so stay tuned. =)
Mellow Yellow, Short-Sleeve, Scoop-neck, Cotton Tee w/ Little Puffy Sleeves: The Limited (similar V-neck), (similar graphic tee by Reebok, love this), (similar w/ ruching).
Tory-Burch "Look-Alike", Black Thong Sandals: Il Cammino (the real deal in black, love these), (navy Tory Burch sandals), (cute, black woven option, love these).

Mellow Yellow, Short-Sleeve, Scoop-neck, Cotton Tee w/ Little Puffy Sleeves: The Limited (similar V-neck), (similar graphic tee by Reebok, love this), (similar w/ ruching).
Drop Earrings w/ Pave Crystal Ring & Silver+Black Circle Stone: White House Black Market (very similar, best deal, love these), (similar, great deal, love these), (similar w/ onyx flowers).
Black Rubber Flip-Flops: Jumbo (similar Haivainas option), (similar Michael Kors, love these).

Black Stone, Small Square, Stud Earrings: White House Black Market (very similar, great deal, love these), (similar, best deal), (circle option, great deal, love these).
Long Silver Chain Necklace w/ Sea Pearl Circles & Clear Beads: The Limited (similar by Loft, love this), (fun option by Siracusia, great deal, love this), (similar, dainty, on sale).
Red & White, Striped Tank Top: Gruppo Fiori (very similar by Gap, best deal), (similar, love this).
Skinny, White Belt w/ Chain Detail: Piazza Italia (very similar, best deal), (very similar, great deal), (similar, on sale).
Beige, Classic, Frameless Aviator Sunglasses: Ray Ban for Men (My Husband's) (identical), (similar by Rayban, love these).
Red+White, Envelope-shaped Cross-body Bag: A Local Accessories Boutique (New) (similar, best deal), (similar, red + tan, great deal), (similar, Kate Spade option, on sale, love this).
Dark Red, Patent Leather, Strappy Sandals: Aldo's (very similar in bright red, great deal), (similar), (similar, best deal).

Speaking of Remixing Shorts with Tees and Tanks, check out these posts: 1, 2 and 3. Thank you for reading and if you like, you can follow me via Bloglovin.

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  1. I love to remix!! All these looks look fab! Love that maxi! Have a great weekend!

    <3 Shannon

  2. Black and yellow is such a great combo! Love all of these remixes! Can't wait to see your summer remix challenge!

    Enjoy your weekend at the beach!


  3. So cute!! I love the yellow shirt with the printed shorts the most. The remix sounds like a great idea!! It feels like Summer here until mid September too :).

  4. Terrific looks, Ada. I especially like the striped tank and your ikat shorts. I love seeing items remixed, so I enjoyed this post and can't wait for your upcoming 30 for 30! Have fun on your break!


  5. Yellow is your color Ada!! I love it paired with this striped skirt. Very chic! School started for my daughter this week so we wil be adjusting to our new schedules and catching up all weekend! Have fun at the beach! susan

  6. So funny, my friend Alex and I started a "take one pass it on" challenge today on our blogs! We are on the same wavelength. And I'm loving what you are doing with patterned bottoms here. I have those same shorts but I haven't worn them once all summer! Maybe I'll get around to it before the chilly weather sets in. Have fun on your beach vacation! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Have fun on your little get away. Also you are lucky to be having more weather. We have been in the 60's for weeks now. Good luck with your 30 for 30.

  8. I like this kind of challenge! I may have to try it for myself :) I hope you have fun on your beach trip!

  9. I love your striped maxi skirt and your red and white tank top! So much fun! And how cool are your black and white patterned shorts?!?

  10. great stylings. They all work together and you look fantastic in them. The ikat shorts is nice all around fun prints.


  11. Ooooh, the yellow shirt with the maxi skirt is my favorite out of them all (and they are all great outfits!). Enjoy the beach!

  12. Man three outfits out of one sort of! Great passion for doing that is something I have learned from you. Thanks for being at Fashion item Friday so faithfully Ada! I completely appreciate it so much. ♥

  13. I have actually recently started remixing my clothes :) So much fun


  14. Looking good, girl! Love how you're remixing everything! :) Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  15. Great ikat shorts - lovely looks. Thanks for stopping by SLS! Have a great weekend.


  16. You know I LOVE remixes pretty lady, can't wait to see yours. The mini remix set you did here is super cute. Love those ikat shorts, and the pattern mixing with the stripes. Looks great on you. Have fun at your getaway with your family, sounds so lovely. Happy weekend, XOXO, Elif

  17. Have fun on your mini-vacation! I really like all three of these outfits. I think yellow looks great with black and white.

  18. Sounds like a great few days away! I love the yellow top and skirt together! Good luck with your 30x30!

  19. I'm off on a few days away next week too :):) I'm planning and all in one hop, haha..Loving your strip skirt and yellow top :)

    Have a lovely time away ...

  20. love those shorts!

    from helen at // blog sale

    ps. enter my £300 rayban and beauty goodies giveaway! click here.

  21. Hope you are enjoying your 3 day get away! Loving these shorts, they will go with so much. Looks great how you have paired them.


  22. I love these take 1, pass it on challenges! I really should do one of them sometime. You did so well on these outfits too--love them all. The ikat shorts are fabulous and I love how you paired them with stripes for a bold look. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Best!


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