Tuesday, April 15, 2014

14 of 30: Polished in Black, Brown + Red. And Vivian.

Hi Ladies. Posting quite late today. I was doing some Spring cleaning and getting out my Summer Dresses earlier today while I packed away my Coats, Heavy Jackets, Winter Blazers and Sweater Dresses. So, during that time Vivian was on daycare, then I went to pick her up and the day slipped out after that. I'll tell you what, I am really looking forward to (real) Spring and Summer to wear my Skirts and Dresses as well as some new pieces and some Florals! It's ironic that today I was getting this stuff out since it has been really cold and rainy. We had a cold front here over the last couple of weeks. It felt the same as January or February has (it has been a mild Winter). It almost never snows in Tirana but we are close to mountains and it sure snowed there last week and this week, as well as other cities nearby, so we got some of that cold our way.

I knew April would be a tough month to do this 30 for 30 challenge. But here I am again in an Outfit, wearing my Leather+Plaid Skirt once more, this time with my Chocolate Brown Silk Blouse (for the first time). I knew - when I included it - this Blouse would be a "wild card". I said that because of the fact that it didn't go with most of the other pieces I included. And I was right, I finally wore it on Outfit 14. And, due to the cold I am wearing Tights - they are Nude - but I wish I didn't. So do you think pairing Black, Brown and Red works? Would you pair this Skirt with this Blouse and then add the Black Blazer on top? And have you rotated your closet yet and gotten out the Spring/Summer stuff? I am still not done completely but that's what I am working on, this week.
Pros: It is an Elegant Outfit with a twist because of the Fun Faux Leather on that Pencil Skirt.
Cons: It's a Nice Outfit but it feels more suited for Fall than Spring (it was worn the first week of April, mind you). And I wish I was going bare-legged but it was way too cold for that. =(
Brown, 100% Silk Blouse, w/ 3/4 Bell Sleeves: Express.
Modern, Black Blazer w/ Rounded Collar: White House Black Market.
Black Faux Leather & Red Plaid Pencil Skirt: Mango (New).
Red+Silver, Wreath, Stud Earrings: A Local Boutique.
Silver, Crystal/Rhinestone Hair Clip: Swarovski (New; Gift).
Thick, Nude Tights: Lycra (New).
Bronze/Taupe Metallic, Round-Toe Wedge Pumps w/ Buckle Decorations: Andrew Geller (New).

On other news...
I figured Vivian hasn't made much an appearance this month, since I have been doing this challenge. So here is a little update, with some photos, of course. This week marked her 4th week of daycare. Last week she was off for 4 days due to being ill. She is doing better now, thankfully. Anyway, daycare is going well for her for the most part. She is only there for 4-5 hours each day, while I take care of the house, rest a little, job-search or run any errands I may need too. I think starting her off like this will make it so much easier if and when we have to go full time 9 hours a day, when I start a job. Anyway, some mornings I have snapped photos of her after getting her ready and putting her on her stroller before we go (her daycare is a 5-minute walk from our home, by the way) so I am sharing these pictures with you today. As you can tell she gets happy and excited to get out of the house and be outside. Like most babies, she loves being outdoors. But I am not going to lie that happiness doesn't last too long, once we are inside the daycare. She usually cries a little bit when I drop her off. It breaks my heart but what can you do.
And here are a couple of photos of her at the playground. I took here there a few days ago, after daycare. It was nice and warm and a great day to spend outside, together. She absolutely loves the swings. She swings herself pretty good on her own.
Hope you enjoyed the Photos. Stay tuned for a full-on Vivian Post this Saturday April 19th which marks her 15-month birthday. Thank you for reading, friends. =)

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  1. That skirt is fantastic. And how cute is she?!

  2. I liked the mixed fabrics and textures on your skirt. Never knew plaid and leather could look so lovely together! Can I just say your baby is beyond adorable. My youngest is four right now and I remember and cherish those baby days! Have fun with your little cutie pie! XOXO, Elif

  3. Love the photos of Vivian, especially in the swing! It's been too cold (except for a few days) to take Claire to the park, but hopefully we can go soon! The blazer and skirt go well together! It's a pretty neckline on your blouse, too.

  4. The plaid detailing on the skirt definitely makes it stand out. I love mixed media pieces. And your daughter is absolutely adorable!


  5. Love that skirt Ada. Gorgeous.



  6. I think black, brown and red totally go together! I used to be afraid to wear black and brown together but now I think it's great. I haven't switched out my clothes for spring yet either. I am glad I didn't - we had a random cold front in the 30s on Monday and of course I had to wear boots again :) So ready for the real spring weather!

    Vivian is seriously the cutest.

  7. I love the black blazer!


  8. Love that skirt, Ada especially the tartan print detailing and Vivian´s getting prettier everyday. ;)

  9. Aww, I imagine daycare is hard on you both in the beginning, but she will definitely get used to it. It's always hard to see or know that they cry for you. She's adorable and such a little fashionista already. I love that little aqua with hearts vest!

    Freckled Latte

  10. Love the way you styled that outfit. Your daughter is adorable! Have a great day. http://twoteensandtheirmama.blogspot.com/

  11. She is so adorable!

    Thanks for linking up to Beautiful You!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly


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