Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday is for Vivian: First New Year Celebration.

On the exact day today, Vivian is 50 weeks old. In two short weeks she will be one year old. She was born on a Saturday morning. That is why Saturdays are for Vivian. =) And next Saturday, before her 12-month or 1-year birthday, I will be posting her 11-month update. Thank you to everyone who reads these Vivian updates, to all of you who comment and compliment her (super proud mamma here) and especially to all Moms out there. Thank you for your advise, as well. I appreciate it. Vivian is the biggest part of my life and a big part of this blog, too.

It was Vivian's first New Year Celebration. =) Here are a couple of collages and some photos of Vivian from New Year's Eve. 

It is almost impossible to take photos of Vivian sitting, these days. She has to be distracted by something or hold something. She loves my phone. These photos are so cute because they capture who she is, very well. LOL
Vivian on the floor playing, crawling, moving, walking. Never sitting still.
Vivian's New Year's Eve Outfit:
Red+White, Soft Fleece, Peter Pan-Collared, Santa Dress: A Children's Boutique in Albania.
Yellow+Red, Plastic Bow Clip: An Accessories Boutique.
White+Fuchsia Mary Jane Tights (part of a Dress): Carter's.

Here is a little collage and some photos of Vivian from New Year's Day.

She loves playing with Christmas Ornaments. Actually, I had her play with them so I could take these photos of her sitting (without falling or trying to move). Otherwise these photos wouldn't be possible and we wouldn't be able to show off this Pretty New Year's Day Outfit. =)
Vivian's New Year's Day Outfit:
Red, Ruffled Girly Tee: Osh Kosh.
White, Hand-made, Crochet, Cardigan Sweater: Gifted from Friends.
Mint+Baby Pink, Floral, Ruffled, Mesh Tutu Skirt: Buy Buy Baby.
Mint+Baby Pink, Grosgrain & Plastic, "Hello Kitty" Hair Bow: An Accessories Boutique.
Red Ribbed & Cable Knit Tights: Wal Mart.
White Fur Boots: Meijer's.

One last photo of the 3 of us.
I will be posting my New Year's Eve/New Year's Day Outfit sometime next week. Tomorrow and the next 2 days I will be recapping more Favorite Looks from 2013. Stay Tuned. Thank you for Reading and Enjoy your Sunday!!

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  1. Happy New Year Ada! What a great set of photos of you and the family! Vivian's hair is getting so long and she looks adorable in her outfits as always. I will be back tomorrow from my holiday blog break. I am glad to be back so I can see all my lovely blog friends again!

  2. Happy New Year! Love these shots, you definitely should be proud she is an adorable little girl.
    All the very best for 2014.


  3. She is so adorable Ada! Her New Year's outfit is so cute! I just love that skirt, cardigan, and those boots! Claire loves phones, too. You can buy them all the toys in the world and they will still think your phone/remote/laptop is much more interesting! ;)

  4. Yay for these pictures. Vivian is just gorgeous!


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