Friday, November 15, 2013

Mom in Blush, Bronze and Maroon; Baby in Lilac and Florals.

Good Morning on this Friday. It is my second weekend (coming up) since I have been back to Albania and time has gone by so fast, thus far. Today is a Gorgeous day out. It is almost noon and I haven't gone out yet. But as soon as my shower is over, I am taking Vivian on her stroller and drinking my Machiatto, enjoying the sunshine. We got to squeeze in these warm days while we still can, right?

Today's Outfit features a Top from Express that I have had for quite a few years but only remember to have worn it once before. This little Blush Mini Skirt (sort of Cargo Style) by Old Navy hasn't gotten a lot of wear either. That's what happens when you own A GAZILLION pieces of clothes. I decided to pair the two together for a little Fall Palette. I like the Neckline of the Top and the Swirly, Circle Design plus the Satiny Silk feel give off a Chinese vibe. And of course Nude Pumps go with everything. The Brown/Gold Beaded Necklace matches the Colors of the Blouse, perfectly. Little Viv is wearing Lilac & Florals between her Top & Chiffon Dress. Her Mary Jane Shoes are too cute though they are quite big on her (still). What do you think? Any plans for the weekend? I don't have anything in particular planned though I'd like to make it at the National Book Fair in Albania, which is held every November and it ends this Sunday. I Love Books. I worked with them for a while, too. TGIF!
Maroon/Gold/Burgundy/Bronze, Asian-inspired, Silk Blouse w/ Square Neckline: Express.
Blush, Cotton Mini Skirt w/ Zippers & Pockets: Old Navy.
Gold, Beige, Gray & Brown, Beaded, 3-Strand Necklace: The Limited.
Cubic Zirconia, Gold Tone, Drop Earrings: The Limited.
Nude, Round-Toe, Patent Leather Pumps: Apartment 9 (Kohl's).

Vivian's Outfit:
Lavender, Long-Sleeve Onesie: Gerber's.
Floral, See-Through, Chiffon Jumper (part of a 2-piece Dress): Little Lass.
Plastic Hair Clips (Lilac Bunny & Baby Blue Kitty): A Children's Boutique in Albania.
Navy, White & Fuchsia, Stripped Socks: Wal Mart.
Navy+White, Vintage-print, Mary Jane Shoes: A Children's Boutique in Albania.

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  1. Beautiful blog!
    First time here and loving it.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. Hot mama! ;) You both look absolutely great! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  3. Book fairs are so fun. I love going to find and explore new books and authors. Enjoy the beautiful weather in Albania this weekend!

  4. You sound like you are having a wonderful time, aww I wish we had sunny weather :)

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop...

  5. Looks like Vivian is on the move! She is so stinking cute!

  6. Great outfit Ada. Love the colour and shine of your top and Vivian is too cute.Good luck now that she is on the move :)


  7. You look so fancy Ada! Love the outfits on both of you!


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