Sunday, October 6, 2013

The 6 Remix: Chic, Simple, Easy, Early Fall Outfits.

Hello Everyone. Did you have a Good Weekend? I hope so. Every month on the 6th I am going to remix my closet, according to the season that month falls on. I will either choose 6 articles of clothing (excluding Shoes or Accessories) that I will wear together into 6 outfits, or chose 1 item & remix it into 6 different outfits. You are more than Welcome to join me. This is how my first 6 Remix panned out. This is the second month I am doing the 6 Remix. However this week I remixed 6 items of clothing + one pair of shoes and was able to make 7 Outfits out of them. I really tried to link this with Natalia's 7×7 Remix Challenge, but I was a day too late. Oh well. Hopefully I can join next time.

The 6 Remix: Chic, Simple, Easy, Early Fall Outfits.
(To make the collage bigger, just click on the picture, to see each outfit side by side)
This month I took advantage of the still-warm temperatures we are having for early October, yet made these Outfits look Fall-appropriate. The "trick" for this month's 6 remix was to keep the colors basic & neutral so I chose pieces in Black, White & Earthy, Neutral Colors like Beige & Olive. For the tops I chose a White Button-down, a Black Cap-Sleeve Sweater with Embellishment - all the current rage - and a Long-Sleeve Statement Sweater - one of my newest Sweaters from Old Navy, similar to the Owl Sweater. I chose my Nude Patent Leather Pumps to wear with these Outfits. These Pumps seriously go with everything.

Let's see what I created with these 6(+1) pieces. I wore the Black Skinny Pants/Leggings three times, the Skirt twice, the Shorts twice, the Bird Sweater twice, the Black Sweater three times & the White Button-down five times. No wonder the White Button-down Shirt was remixed 7 different ways. I have shown you before how VERSATILE a White Button-down would be. I have several in my closet. With a variety of different Accessories and changing my Jewelry, I definitely made each Outfit feel new and like I didn't repeat the clothes. With these types of challenges, jewelry and accessories like Belts & Scarves are truly important. I made 7 Outfits with these 6 pieces. But I could have easily made 10 Outfits altogether. I could have worn each clothing item at least once more. My other 3 Outfits I could have remixed would have been: Black Leggings with Bird Sweater (adding my Teal Bubble Necklace), Skirt with White Shirt tucked in (adding my White, Bold Flower, Statement Necklace) and Shorts with Black Sweater (adding a Tall, Skinny, Sequined Scarf).
Below is a sneak-peek of each item in detail. And then you will get to see each outfit in detail. =)
Beige Cream, "Bird" Statement Sweater: Old Navy (New).
Black, Cap-Sleeve Sweater w/ Sequined Shoulders: Worthington (JC Penney's).
White, Short-Sleeve, Poplin, Button-Down Shirt: The Limited.
Nude, Round-Toe, Patent Leather Pumps: Apartment 9 (Kohl's).
Black Ponte & Faux Leather Leggings: Forever 21 (New).
Black+Beige, Ethnic-Print, Circle Skirt w/ Embroided Silver Sequins: Anthropologie.
Olive Green, Cotton, Bermuda Shorts: Arizona Jeans (JC Penney's).
Belts & Scarf:
Burgundy, Patent Leather, Faux Ostrich, Skinny Belt: White House Black Market.
Black, Patent Leather, Skinny Belt: Comes with the Black Sweater from this challenge.
Black Leather Belt w/ Silver Square, Logo Buckle: New York & Company (NY & Co.)
Black+White, Chenile, Houndstooth, Frayed Scarf: Payless.

Necklaces and Earrings:
Ombre Blue & Purple, Glass-looking Necklace w/ Oval Beads + Matching Drop Earrings w/ Oval Beads: Avon.
Black Metallic, 3-Strand, Circle-Link Necklace + Matching Circle-Link, Dangly Earrings: White House Black Market.
Silver, Dainty Chain Necklace w/ Large, Beige-Metallic Circle Charm: The Limited (not pictured above).
Silver, 3-Circle, Long Dangly Earrings w/ Hot Pink, Crystal Drop: Express.
Silver, Long Dangly Earrings w/ Circle Mint Stones: Forever 21.
*Lots of Circle Patterns worn when it comes to Jewelry. I just noticed that. It wasn't on purpose.*

Silver, Gray & Nude, Beaded, Bobble Bracelet w/ Charms (left hand): White House Black Market.
Olive Green & Gray, Ombre, Metallic Bracelet: The Limited.
Neon Turquoise Plastic Bangle Bracelets: Ruum (New).

(not pictured above by part of the Outfits, are these Rings):
Real Gold & Diamond Wedding Band & Engagement Ring: from My Husband.
Silver Ring w/ Circle, Green Opal Stone (right hand): A Local Jewelry Store (New & Gifted).
Silver Ring w/ Circle, Real Turquoise StoneExpress.

1. Black Leggings, Black Sweater & White Button-down.
This is just a simple case of Black+White - the most Classic Color Combination there is. I like the White Shirt layered under the Sweater because you can also see the Sleeves of the Shirt. Some Long, Girly, Circle Silver Earrings add a Girly, Sexy factor. The Silver Bobble Bracelet picks up the Silver from the Earrings and makes this more Fun. This Outfit can go from a Work environment to Date night, easily.

2. Olive Shorts, Bird Sweater & White Button-down.
My New Bird Sweater makes a debut on this challenge, first being paired with these Shorts. Here I am mixing True Fall Colors like Olive Green, Cream & Beige with hints of Aqua & Turquoise. The White Button-down underneath makes this Outfit a little more Chic & Preppy. The Neon Turquoise Bracelet & the Mint Earrings pick up the colors of the Bird on the Sweater. This Outfit is perfect for a Chic Mom: Casual yet Elegant all at once.

3. Circle Skirt & Black Sweater.
In this Outfit I paired the Ethnic-print Skirt with the Black Sweater which is embellished on the shoulders. I am playing with double Sequins since there are Black Sequins on the Sweater's shoulders & Silver Sequins through the patterns of the Skirt. More Metallic here through the Black-link Necklace & Matching Earrings. I added another pop of Fall Color (besides the Beige of the Skirt) by belting in a Burgundy Belt, instead of the Black Belt that comes with the Sweater. This Outfit is a little Retro & 100% Feminine + Pretty!

4. Black Leggings & White Button-down (with a Scarf).
Here is another Black+White Outfit. These new Skinny Pants/Leggings are proving to be so Versatile, already. Plus they are Pretty, Cool, Modern and On-Trend with the Leather part. I am showing the White Shirt with a Scarf over it in a super Classic Pattern - Houndstooth. In my book an Outfit with a Black Bottom and a White Top is always Stylish, Fresh, Crisp, Classic and Modern.

5. Circle Skirt & Bird Sweater.
I like how the prints from each of these pieces play-off each other. That Bird would make any clothing item that it is paired with - Happy. I layered a couple of Bangle Bracelets here and once again brought out the Teals, Mints & Blues of the Sweater by wearing a Turquoise Bracelet, a Turquoise Ring & Blue-Purple, Glass-looking Stone Earrings. While the Beige, Circle-Charm Necklace matches the Colors from the Skirt & the main Color of the Sweater.

6. Olive Shorts & White Button Down.
These Shorts are made to look Preppy by dressing them up with the Poplin, Collared Shirt, the Statement Oval, Glass-Stone Necklace + Matching Earrings. The Belt is definitely necessary for tucking in a button-down Shirt inside belt loops, like here.

7. Black Leggings & Black Sweater.
This Black-on-Black Look is probably My Most Favorite. It is Sleek, Sexy, Slimming - all 3 Great 'S' factors for a Whole-Black Outfit. I feel so Elegant & Powerful in all Black with some touches of Metallic: the Simplest Necklace & 2 layered Bracelets - the Ombre Gray/Green, Metallic Bangle & the Beaded Bobble Bracelet.

So, which are your 2-3 Favorite Outfits here and why?

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  1. Love all the remixing that you did and those pair of nude shoes really matches with everything! :)

    1. Thanks so much. The nude shoes, I know they go with everything.

  2. love this idea. You did amazing job remixing your closet.

  3. these are fabulous looks, you look great!

  4. Wow, great job remixing! I love those leather pants and that bird sweater is so adorable.


    1. Thanks so much Pia. I love how this remixing came out.

  5. Love your remix Ada. Great job.


  6. Great outfits! Your new bird shirt is cute, and I love your houndstooth scarf!

    1. Thank you Inge. I love Houndstooth and I super love the Bird Sweater.

  7. Great scarf! I love this idea and how it is constantly making you think about how to remix your closet. It also reminds me how I need to get to Forever 21 and get those leather accented pants. They are great! Hope you had a good weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Laura. They had many different pairs of leather-accented pants at Forever 21. Get a pair. They are under 20 bucks.

  8. This black look is my favorite too.

    1. I love the all-black look. Simple, sexy, stylish, powerful.

  9. My fav ones are the third, the forth and the last one. Love the skirt and you rock in black! Your scarf is gorgeous!!
    Visiting from My style Monday link-up.
    Have a fantastic day

    1. I liked how each one played out. I love the whole Black Outfit the most though. Thanks for stopping by, Lenya.

  10. Lovely outfits, I agree with you! These are great items to have and use in different ways.


    1. Thanks so much. They can definitely be worn at different places and occasions. I got a great mix of fun wear, play wear, work wear & cocktail wear, here.

  11. You have some great looks! and my favorite are those leather pants!

    1. Thank you Mariel. I love the looks with the Leather Pants. You have a pretty name, almost like my cousin except she has an "a" at the end after the "l".

  12. You are rockin' the leather pants! I love all these looks!

    1. Thanks so much for checking this post, Natalia. Let me know a few days in advance about the next 7 remix. Thanks again. =)


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