Friday, May 17, 2013

Polka Dot Skirt with Argyle and Python on the Bottom.

Skirts Week is back, probably until Tuesday of next week, ladies. Join me if you like! =) Mother's Day went by in a blink. As a matter of fact these last past 4 months have. Tomorrow on Saturday Vivian will be 17 weeks old & then Sunday the 19th she is exactly 4 months. My Baby Girl is growing up. I will miss these days - that I am certain of. I am trying to enjoy her every day, as much as possible. Including getting to dress her up in cute outfits & changing those outfits often, some times as often as 4 times a day. Case in point, this past Mother's Day I switched her twice in the Afternoon/Evening time alone. It was a chilly Sunday so I had to have tights on. I even wore a Jacket on top of my ensemble. As the title suggests I did some real Pattern-mixing from the waist down. The Skirt is Polka-Dotted, the Tights have an Argyle Print & the Flats are Python. I added one Bright Color with my Button-Down that is no longer neglected (I have had it for a lot of years, from Gap) & the Top's Color comes through the Shoes, too. Last but not least I added a pair of Earrings that were purchased the day before My Birthday on May 3rd. Even-though I take photos pretty much daily with my Little Girl, I must say my Most Favorite Photos I have with her so far are from this day. So fitting that Our Best Photos are from Mother's Day. I particularly love all the ones of us, in her 1st Outfit (with the headband). She was Pretty in Baby Pink that day.

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!

I adore those Big, Deep Blueish-Gray Eyes of Vivian. They are Gorgeous.
Purple, Cotton-Knit, Button-down Shirt: Gap.
Black+White, Polka Dot, Pencil Skirt w/ Belt Loops: Forever 21.
Baby Pink, Crystal, Diamond-Shape, Drop Earrings: American Fashion & Jewelry (New).
Black, Argyle-Print Tights: The Limited.
Fuchsia, Orange & Black, Python-Print, Leather Ballet Flats: Nine West.

Vivian's Outfits:
Baby Pink, Velvet Body Suit w/ Peter Pan Collar &  Pearl Buttons: Ralph Lauren.
Pink, Ruffled, Nylon Headband with Hello Kitty: Disney.
Baby Pink Velvety Body Suit w/ Pink & Yellow Kitty Cats: Prenatal.
Pink Cardigan w/ Different Colored, Pastel Buttons: Old Navy.
Hot Pink, Satin, Bow Clip: a Random Boutique.

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  1. I just got a similar polka dot skirt and am long forward to wearing it zoom :) I really like it with purple :)

    1. This one is real nice. It even has lining. Looks like something from Ann Taylor, Banana or The Limited. You are going to love your skirt. The possibilities with this are endless.

  2. This is a great skirt! I really like it paired with purple.

    1. I am loving it paired with purple too. I have other looks & colors in mind for this. I will try Floral next.

  3. You look great! Love the polka dot skirt! And Vivian had beautiful eyes!

  4. Hey, I did a shout Out to you on my blog today :)

  5. Great outfit - love that skirt, it is so sleek. And your baby girl looks adorable in pink, of course! : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    1. Thanks for always commenting and leaving sweet compliments. Thanks again, Patti.


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