Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hot Pink Draped Jersey.

Tuesday came in this morning and I couldn't wake up to save my life. I made it 20 minutes passed the alarm clock. Thank God I had enough time to brush my teeth and my hair, wash my face, put on my outfit (I almost never think of outfits the previous day/night, so sometimes in the morning that makes it hard), eat a quick breakfast and take my multi-vitamin and be out of the door just in time. I rushed a little those 8 minutes or so I have to walk to the bus station but made it right on time. Then I had to drink a tall latte over ice to sort of keep myself up and awake. I am at work after all. It has been a very slow, easy-peasy morning at work though and I love it that way. Who doesn't? It has given me time to catch up on some blogs I follow daily and even "discover" a couple of new blogs, totally worth reading. Shshhhh. Don't lie though, if you have nothing to do either, you blog too, I am not alone. =D

Here I am wearing one of the brightest dresses I own in a soft, easy jersey. I have worn this dress once more this summer and I got lots of compliments on it. I especially love the crochet detail on the back and the middle row of diamond-shaped squares has intricate silver pieces sewn on it. Cool, hmm? It even has pockets - more awesome factor!! I wanted to give this outfit a breezy, summer feel to it so I wore thong flat sandals and cool California-inspired jewelry with it. I kept my hair in a ponytail, and with a smidge of lipstick and a smidge of mascara, I called it a day. ;-) Sometimes i's simple just like that.

P.S. Sorry about the abundance of photos but I felt pretty and happy that day and I consider this quite a successful outfit. I even had a couple of bloopers in my photos. LOL

Hot Pink Sleeveles Dress w/ Cowl Neckline, Front Pockets and Crochet Back Detail: Bisou Bisou.
Ivory & Gold-Toned, Metallic Hoop Earrings: H&M.
Long, Dangly, Statement Necklace w/ Silver Links, Gold, Beige & Olive Green Oval-Shaped Beads: The Limited.
Skinny, Bronze & Gold Bangles: London Boutique.
Tory-Burch "Look-Alike", Black, Thong Sandals: Il Cammino.


  1. On days when you are running late, a dress is sometimes the best thing. You still look pulled together without a lot of effort. This is a very pretty color on you and the back of the dress is great!

    1. Thanks a lot Heather. I prefer dresses to separates, too. Plus it's so easy. All you have to worry is the shoes (jewelry comes easily) rather than worrying to pair top to bottom or layers, etc. And I agree, dresses are easy on those running-late days.

  2. I enjoy seeing the way you use color. Thank you for your comments. I just became one of your followers.
    Hope you will follow me!


    1. Thanks a lot Erin. From what I saw on your blog you love colors too and your style is very cute. I do follow you. =)

  3. I love to see that each time I visit the baby seems to have grown a little bit more!
    You look so nice in that dress.

    1. Hahahaa. Thanks. Last night as I was looking at the mirror, it is the biggest I had ever seen my belly look. =)


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