Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gray and Happy, Fun Dress.

I don't have a lot of words for you this Saturday. My husband would probably find this shocking (LOL) but it's a simple, boring weekend work day and I am craving lots of American food and other Foreign Cuisines (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian) which are either super hard or impossible to find in Albania, so I have food on my mind. LOL

Here is a simple Express dress with a little stretch I have not worn before (IDK WHY -- too many things in my closet, I guess). I am glad I got to wear it at least once during this hot summer. Since the material is a ponte knit, though a light one and since it fits me now, maybe I can wear it a couple more times in the next month, layered with a cardigan if needed. I do like the little sheer black tulle on top of each shoulder. Rather than that is pretty simple and straight. I kept my shoes and jewelry very simple and black and I was good to get out the door. =)

Dark Gray, Ponte, Fitted, Tank-Style Dress w/ Black Tulle Neckline: Express.
Circle, Black, Jet Crystal Earrings: White House Black Market.
Black Beaded Crystal Necklace w/ Multi-Faceted Square Pendant: Ann Taylor.
Black & Silver-Studded Hair Clasp: Bijoux & Accessories.
Tory-Burch "Look-Alike", Black, Thong Sandals: Il Cammino.


  1. Nothing beat a little gray dress. I have three of them I think - that's alot! I always crave foods that aren't easy to buy or make. Or worse, foods from places that aren't open on Sundays! (Like the Japanese food place - yum~)

    1. I love gray, what a versatile color. I have a couple of wintery Gray dresses too.

      Craving foods you can't have or are not within your reach is harddddd, especially when you are pregnant. =(

  2. So cute Ada- hard to believe that is little Vivian in there. I craved country buffet foods when I was pregnant each time. Rachel xo


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