Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Teal Floral Shirtdress.

Shirtdresses are so easy, comfortable, casual yet super chic. This is not your typical shirtdress. Yes the shape of it is classic, but the print is for someone bold and who loves to wear colors and is not afraid to be noticed - me. This is an in-your-face mix of floral and paisley print mostly in dark and medium teal as well as ivory. I like that the buttons are large and noticeable and they are gold, you can totally spot them through the busy print.

I will be posting Day 3 of the Challenge tomorrow. Meanwhile enjoy your evening and have a lovely dinner!!

Teal, Cobalt, Beige, Yellow and Ivory, Short-Sleeve, Floral-Print Shirt-Dress: The Limited.
Skinny, Pin Teardrop-Shaped, Silver Earrings: Kohl's.
Skinny, Tall, Oval-Shaped, Orange-Stone, Cocktail Ring: Kohl's.
Teal Pearlized, Patent Leather, Peep-toe Pumps w/ Buckle Detail: Worthington (JC Penney).


  1. Fabulous shirt dress! Finding cute ones are always hard but when you do they're awesome!

    1. Thanks a lot Megan and I agree 100% about what you said.

  2. I love dresses with a vintage feel - and this one totally nails it !
    I'd wear it in a heartbeat :)

    1. I know, this kind of does have a Vintage 70's feel, or maybe even a 50's feel to it. Also it looks very much like a Lorena dress so you would nail it!!


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