Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mint and Seafoam Pastels for Fashion Challenge: Day 5.

I finally bring you the last and final day of the Fashion Challenge I followed last week. The choice was between Pastels or Neons. Both of these are beautiful, summery colors yet so different. The first group is a soft, delicate groupe of colors that feel like a Spring Breeze and the second group is a bright, highlighter-type of colors that will definitely get you noticed. While I own both types of colors, even-thought it was Friday and my Work Dress Code is a little bit more relaxed, I went for Pastels. Plus this top and this skirt were a Match Made in Heaven, together. They couldn't pair better if the same designer created them. I also love stripes. This scalloped, uneven skirt offers zig-zag stripes in other shades of pastel that match the seafoam/mint green background color of the fabric. I also love the girly, delicate, lace-like sleeves of the top.

I will be back later tonight with a different OOTD. Take Care.

Light Mint-Green, V-Neck Tee w/ See-Through Cap Sleeves: The Limited.
Mint-Green/Seafoam Scalloped Midi-Skirt w/ Teal, Green, Yellow and Sky Blue Stripes: American Eagle.
Silver Chain Necklace with Small Black Semi-Precious Stone: Fred's Jewelry.
Stretchy, Plastic, Yellow Bangles (Right Hand): Charlotte Russe.
Stretchy. Baby Pink, Crystal Bracelet  (Right Hand): Beadz & Bagz.
Blue-Rose Plastic & Gold Metallic Stud Earrings: Koton.
Gold & Turquoise, Antique-Looking, Cockatil Ring: Parfois.
Navy, Green, Teal, Turquoise & Seafoam, Leaf-Print, Silk, Strappy Thong Sandals: Simple Shoes.

This was Round 5 of the Challenge for this week: Friday, June 15th. As you can tell I chose PASTEL.


  1. Adore the skirt and the yellow bracelets!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. Cute summer outfit.
    Mint and yellow look marvelous together.

    1. I know, Mint & Yellow make great Pale Buddies together. I wish you could see the Mint better. It is not as pale as it looks on the photos.

  3. That skirt is lovely! It looks so cool and summery. :)

    1. Yes, the skirt is summery & breezy for sure. Thanks Bonnie, how have you been?

  4. Love the color and shape of your skirt! I am glad I am able to access your blog now, I was not able to last week somehow.

    From Jing at www.bejingxu.com


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