Sunday, May 27, 2012

Two of the Same, Rainy Spring Weekend Outfits.

Just like the last few weeks, this Sunday was a relaxing weekend day for me. I did some laundry, cooked lunch, folded some clothes and put them in their respective places, swept and washed, did the dishes and spent some time with my hubby. And a few minutes ago I called my dear aunt in Michigan and talked to her for over half an hour, on the phone. What did you girls do this Sunday?

Below, I present you "two of the same" - two very similar outfits (cardigans w/ simple tops underneath and the same skinny dark jeans) worn last weekend during a casual, rainy, chilly time. Speaking of rainy and chilly, that's how the weather has been today too, for the tenth or so day in the row. Oh well.

 OUTFIT NUMERO UNO (Worn Out for Errands & Coffee on a Weekend):
Leopard-Print, 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan: White House Black Market.
Lace, See-Through, Floral, Taupe Tee: The Limited. 
Indigo Blue, Skinny Jeans: The Limited.
Cognac, Braided, Skinny, Leather Belt: The Limited. 
Silver Chains & Bracelets (Right Hand): JC Penney, Lord & Taylor, etc.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

 OUTFIT NUMERO DUO (Worn Out for Errands & Coffee on a Weekend):
Floral Cardigan in White, Black, Red & Beige w/ Tiny, Decorative Rhinestone Studs: White House Black Market.
Black, Silk, Lace-Trimmed, Dressy Camisole: White House Black Market.
Indigo Blue, Skinny Jeans: The Limited.
Red, Orange & Beige, Python-Print, Plastic Headband: Purchased @ a Little Accessories Boutique in Tirana.
Silver Chains & Bracelets (Right Hand): JC Penney, Lord & Taylor, etc.
Red Lipstick: Revlon.
Red  & White-Trimmed, Leather Loafers: Micci's.


  1. Those cardigans are great.
    I love cardigans they are such a versatile piece.

    1. I can't say enough good things about WHBM Cardigans. I love cardigans too and own a ton of them. They are indeed a great layering piece, so versatile and a must-have item in every woman's closet. I think every woman should own at least 10 cardigans: all the basic colors, a couple long ones like grandpa cardis and 2-3 prints.


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