Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Navy Dress Worn to Work for the First Time.

This Little Navy Dress... that looks like something any of the Kardashian Sisters would wear, was a (early January) 2012 purchase. I gifted myself 4 new dresses and some accessories from T Box when I got my job (here in Albania). This dress was part of that purchase. It is very structured, modern and classic at the same time. Sexy and simple. I love the sleeves and the exposed zipper on the back. I also love the ponte material which washes easily and doesn't wrinkle much. As a matter of fact, I got one in a dark red too. However the red one I had to get a bigger size because sizes S were sold out. So that one still has the tags and hangs in my closet. It needs to make a trip to the seamstress. I might add pockets to that one and maybe alter the syle a tiny bit. Though I love multiples and if there is something I like and must have, I might own it in 2, 3, 4 or even 5 different colors or patterns. As you can tell I had fun the day I wore this dress cause I sure as heck took a lot of photos. =D

But anyway I have always wanted a dress like this. Bebe has come up with several similar ones designed by Kim Kardashian. BCBG had some similar ones as well. As did Armani Exchange. I actually own a similar structured dress (like this) from Armani X. I needed a little Navy number in my closet however and this was perfect. Plus I went nuts at the store that day because they had a buy one get one free sale so I got four dresses for the price of 2. =) Speaking of T Box: it is an European company which originates from Turkey and they have branched it out all over Europe. So far, I like what they have there. The prices are not too high, I would say they are medium-priced for the quality and for the styles they sell. But I am not one to ever pay full price on clothing anyway. This dress has become a favorite I have added to my closet and to my own dress collection. I plan on wearing it completely differently next time it makes an appearance at my blog.

And speaking of dresses: I am challenging myself to wear A DRESS, EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! I am doing this to 1) celebrate Spring because it is finally here (and I think it's here to stay this time); 2) I have a ton of dresses and need to wear them more often; & 3) because this is quite a special week as I celebrate the day and date I was born. So I am treating myself to dresses for this week. I am wearing a pretty floral dress by Roberto Cavalli today so I think I am starting off in a good way. ;-)

Little Navy Ponte "Sheath" Dress: T Box.
Cognac, Cloth, Woven Belt w/ Patent Leather Bow (Off the Side): T Box.
Mini Sea Pearl, Stud Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Silver Chain Necklace Featuring a "Grape Pendant"  w/ Fake White Pearls & Silver Rhinestones: Fred's Jewelry.
Gold Pearl, Stretchy Bracelet (on my Left Hand): Express.
Black Tights w/ a Large Diamond-Shape Silver Design (Threaded): Pompea.
Black Suede Booties: Worthington (JC Penneys.)


  1. Hey lady - thanks for your continued following on my blog and all the sweet comments you leave! No need to remind me to come check out your pics :) Trust me, people are out there looking and if your blog and photos are good, that alone will bring the blog traffic. I'd suggest aiming for fewer pics that really show off the fashion and you the best. That way you'll capture your audience (us!) in the quick traffic sense that tends to work well with blogging.

    Of course you know I love the idea of wearing a dress every day!! This one is really adorable and I love the zipper detailing.

    Happy blogging!

    1. Hi Londyn. This is such a nice comment. Thanks so much. =) I also like your continued support towards me and your constructive criticism. I will aim for fewer photos but because I take my own photos (with no tripod), I can't capture all the details and the entire outfits with just a few shots. I will aim for 5-6 every day or 7 max. As much as I love photos I don't want to be or sound repetitive.

      I wish you continued luck, happy styling and happiness, as well!! Also, the best of luck with planning your wedding. I am sure you will be a real pretty and stylish bride. =)

      XOXO ♥ Ada.

  2. Pretty dress Ada and the belt is great too..
    I think it's smart to make the most of your dresses specially if you have the right weather :)

  3. Hey There! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments I love them!! I also love love this black dress you ! YOu can never go wrong with a black dress, Super cute!!

    THanks again! And yes im your newest follower!



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