Saturday, January 4, 2020

Currently, January 2020.

We are reaching the end of the first week of January, yep just as fast as that. Let's do a currently post, shall we?!

resolving: To be more Positive. In my nature I am very much a realist and sometimes that tends to make me negative, even-though I am light-spirited and laugh about most things afterwards, even the bad ones. I get caught up in the small every day things that can piss me off for a moment or for a little bit and sometimes I don't see the whole picture or I don't take the time to appreciate the whole picture. Life is too short to be negative. And honestly, despite everything my life is pretty damn good even-though it is not all roses, candles and peonies - so to speak. lol.

reading: That is my goal this year, to read as many books as possible. Honestly, it is easier said than done because I feel like I don't have a lot of time. However I can dedicate myself to reading more books as opposed to seeing or doing lots of Insta stories. I want to take more "me time" and read a book while I drink some coffee or tea. I want do to that more now during Winter, while the days are still short and the nights are long. Plus it is cold so we don't spend as much time out - the perfect time to read a book or a few! As a matter of fact I am also doing a book challenge this year. Every month there is a 'theme' for a book to read and January's theme is to read a book with a color as one of words in the title. Doing some GOOGLE search on that, but I think the book I will most likely choose is "White Gardenia". Now this is a challenge on its own because it's around 500 pages which is a lot and January is quite a busy month for me, with Vivian's birthday next weekend, also. Read below about the challenge. 

cleaning: Everywhere and everything, really. There is so much I want to clean and de-clutter. I want to start with putting away all the Christmas ornaments and decorations in the right place, put them all into plastic boxes by color, label each box and put them neatly and all in one area, in the basement. Then I want to clean, organize, reduce, purge and de-clutter all of the rooms upstairs and all of the closets. It will all start this January. My goal is to do some by some each week, a little at a time and utilize any free evenings or days I might have.

creating: and planning: lists, ideas, and utilizing boxes of my journals in order to be more mindful of my goals and do well with my goals, ideas and plans for the new year. In other terms of creating: I want to create more poems and poetry, more blog posts, more fun artsy and creative things, when it comes to time spent with Vivian, time spent with friends and family, time spent alone, vacations and such. I want to write down ideas, plans, dates, events, ideas for my blog posts and Instagram content and all that. I think all of this will keep me more organized and more responsible. Creating in addition to cleaning and planning will make this year a little less disorganized and more clutter-free. I want to plan ahead more - this will definitely make for a better, less stressful 2020. At least I hope so.

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