Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Currently, December 2019. Plus Linkup.

We have reached the end of the rope for 2019 and are just a few weeks away from a new year, a new decade actually and just 21 days away from Christmas. Where did another year go?! I have majorly slacked on the blog this year. My life has been so busy. It sucks a little because I have worn many cute clothes, but oh well. November that we left behind was such a sad month for so many people and definitely a black month for Albania. I hope and pray that December which is the month of the holidays, which brings the light of Christmas trees, wishes coming true for kids and presents from Santa, as well as the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ, ALSO brings a lot of joy, smiles, good health and prosperity for many people and I hope it dries a lot of tears! Once again linking up with ANNE for her monthly Currently post.

wrapping: I have not started wrapping anything yet, heck I have not even purchased any presents but I hope to start doing both, next week. There are very few days left before Christmas and not enough time. Even if the days had 30 hours I would be able to fill them all, up.

baking: Hmm, I don't bake, never had, wish I knew how. Though I would like to make Christmas cookies with Vivian this year. Anyone knows any cookie recipes that don't require any baking?! If so, please send them my way and I appreciate them. You can comment me with any recipes.

lightening: The main Christmas tree next to our fireplace, the little snow-white house lanterns and some candles. I light everything in the morning and keep them all on when we are home. It puts me in a good mood and definitely in the Christmas spirit. Plus so many great-smelling candles. Hmmmm.

sending: Lots of Love, well wishes, virtual love and prayers to everyone, especially to my people in Albania. I sent lots of clothes, toys and blankets to Albania last week, speaking of sending. And I packed up 40 boxes of various sizes to send/give away to Purple Heart. They made a pickup a few weeks ago and another pick-up tomorrow. As far as Christmas cards, last year I did not send any Christmas cards but I want to send some this year. Just a few cards to the closest people, nothing crazy. I will probably personalize 20-25 cards. 

enjoying: The Christmas decorations I am seeing everywhere. I appreciate it that even a drive-thru or a fast food got a little bit of holiday spirit in it. Hopefully, during her Christmas break I will get to enjoy spending some quality time and having some Mother-Daughter dates with my daughter Vivian. Honestly there is a lot to enjoy in every season, even in the cold, short and gray days of Winter. But we are all so very busy with our jobs and school too and the daylight is cut so short that each week starts and ends in a heartbeat!

As always, one of my favorite parts of these "Currently" posts, is reminiscing about outfits from the past. This time I chose December 2018. Below are 3 Festive and Bright Holiday Outfits I wore this time, last year.


This was from My Holiday Series I did last year  in collaboration with some of my blogger friends (which I clearly skipped this year because I barely have time to pee lol), and in this particular post we shared outfits to wear on New Year's Eve and I thought lots of texture and shine, yet kept this outfit classic and monochromatic. I paired my Silver Rose Brocade Sheath by Who What Wear with Blush Pink Velvet Strappy Pumps with block heels and added sparkle via my tiny Gold Sequined Clutch and Champagne+Silver Crystal Statement Necklace, while I added a pop of color via my Bright Red Lipstick. Loved this look, what about you?!

This monochromatic green look features the Ponte Pant-Legging with the Most Fun Plaid Popover with the cute ruffle on the collar. These Loft pieces looked perfect together, especially with the addition of the Fun Gold Penny Loafers which definitely polished up this work look. You can see all the details on this post. Gap has currently a very similar plaid popover shirt, I was at their store today and tried a few pieces on, including the plaid popover, I shared some on my Instagram Stories and will be sharing the rest, tomorrow, both on my Instagram stories and on my Thursday Moda post, so stay tuned.

The last look from last year that I wanted to share, belongs to this post from another collaboration I did with my blogging mamma friend Laura and her two sweet daughters. This time we cozied up to pajamas and showed you what us mamas would wear for Christmas as the kids would open presents and we would all sip hot chocolate as a family. I mixed a pair of Velvet Santa Klaus Red Pajamas with a Festive Red+Green+Blue Plaid Flannel by Old Navy. Sweet Vivian has on Red Pajamas with White Snowflakes by Old Navy. We both wore our PJs with Crazy Holiday Socks and Cute Festive Headbands. My headband is a red velvet one with poinsettias while Vivian's features an oversized green ribbon bow that has blush pink polka dots. Loved our matching red lipstick and the fun tin Winter mugs complete with a peppermint-decorated hot cocoa.

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