Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Spreading the Kindness - LOVE!

Happy Thanksgiving Week - the last week of November and crunch time for the holidays. I have decorated both of Vivian's tree for a few days now, but finally decorated the main tree today. Though I was off for a couple of days I did a lot of cleaning and decorating and honestly time went by super fast. It always does. Originally I had in mind a cute outfit for today's post but couldn't get the photos edited on time. Once again I am joining Shelbee's Linkup. She is once again SPREADING THE KINDNESS with her linkup, showing her adorable and stylish son Ralphie (look at the picture on the bottom of this post, isn't he so cool and trendy)?! 

Shelbee who is an excellent writer, just like me has been writing poems for years and unfortunately just like me, has lost a lot of her poetry journals and notebooks. Imentioned the other day that from a major basement cleanout I found a few of my old poems and today, in honor of Shelbee too I am sharing one of my earliest poems I ever wrote in English, less than a year after I came in US where I made several grammatical mistakes too. I wrote this one on my senior year of high school, for extra credit in my Creative Writing class. My teacher made 5 small corrections (they are revised here, on this draft) and gave me a B for it with this note and I quote: "Nice Effort! Look to use more visual imagery in future efforts, perhaps." Here it goes.

[Feburary 2nd 1998].

Love is like a sun, so warm and bright,
it makes your heart beat strongly,
it can drive you crazy but it's still lovely
because usually its happiness fills your heart!

Love is like a moon, the queen of the night
who in the middle of the darkness shines lonely,
you and I are the strength of love only,
for we feel each other and we don't know fright!

Love is difficult for everyone still it's beautiful,
it's so big like the sky, it's great like you and me!
...Even if it may cause you tears, it is wonderful!

True love never dies for its emotion is powerful!
We are together part of this evergreen tree,
for the beauty of love makes everyone merciful!

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