Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Currently, October 2019.

Welcome October! Hard to believe that there is only a quarter left in this year and in three short months it will be Twenty Twenty!! But I am excited for Vivian's Halloween activities this month. =) Linking up this monthly series, with Anne.

arranging: Clothes for Fall+Winter and moving/packing away clothes for Spring+Summer. I am basically changing around Vivian's wardrobe and mine this week. That is my plan this weekend. I keep a few leggings and both long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees in her drawers year-around but items like summer dresses, shorts, most skirts, jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, beanies, scarves, swimsuits and knits get changed around, according to the season.

loving: The Warm Weather and pretty high temperatures for as long as I can. It was as high as 83 degrees today on October 1st and I am not complaining. I hope more temps in the 60s and some days on the 70s stick around till the third week of October. I don't mind an Indian Summer one bit.

embracing: Besides the nice, warm days I am embracing the touches of Fall I see everywhere, from the little Fall decor in my home to the leaves I see falling, the smell of pumpkin everything, all the yummy coffee and tea drinks, the new Fall scents not just pumpkin but also cinnamon, chocolate, hazelnut, salted caramel, etc. I appreciate all the nicely-decorated front porches, as well as all the decorations in the down-towns and little boutiques (being decorated with pumpkins, gourds, dry corn bunches, scarecrows etc. and some even with fun Halloween decor).

 purchasing: Hopefully nothing this month. I am definitely trying not to spend much money this month or till the end of the year actually. Fingers crossed I make it! 

sharing: New Fall Outfits and New Content on the blog. My goal is to post 5 times each week this month (keep your fingers crossed as I keep mine crossed lol). It is about time I get back to a more regular, full-time schedule and routine here on the blog.

Since I have blogged both of my Long Chenille Cardigans in the last two posts (here and here) I decided to look back/recap at two similar casual outfits I wore with both of these cardigans - the Bronze/Ochra Cardi and the Blush Pink/Mauve Cardi from two years ago, in 2017.

I did this two-fer post back in late October and I talked about how this type of outfit: skinny jeans, t-shirt and long cozy cardigan was my Everyday Casual Fall Uniform for that year. There are so many common elements to these two outfits: my Long Identical Chenille Cardigans are layered over White T-Shirts and paired with Straight-Leg Jeans. With both outfits I am wearing Almond-Shaped Drop Earrings too and flat shoes, be it my Khaki Sneakers or my Silver Loafers. I love these looks and for sure they are Early Fall Uniforms or I should call them "Momiform" this Fall, two years later, too.