Monday, September 23, 2019

Ah Autumn! - Poetry.

The poetry below needs no explanation. All you have to do is read it. Plus the title gives it away lol. You will realize that it is about Fall or Autumn - such a beautiful season and by far the prettiest, most beautiful, most striking season here in Michigan! All the Michiganders know that and those that have visited Michigan in the Fall know it too. Yesterday was the first day of Fall, so in honor of this beautiful favorite season (though I don't know if it is my most favorite season) I wrote this little poem. Hope you like it!

[8.35 P.M. September 24th 2019.]

As colors exchange hands
and flowers say farewell,
leaves fall down the land
and the smell of pumpkins fill each store...

The sky is half-clear
but every now and then the sun hides,
a cloud, two or three appear
and then a rainbow strikes...

We start cozying up to sweaters
and layer up with scarves,
dressed in our best plaids
and rustic colors that match the ambiance...

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As kids start school full of hope and smiles
and parents settle into a new busier schedule,
we drive in the morning for miles and miles,
stuck in roads full of busy traffic and yellow buses galore...

As we sip that first taste of pumpkin spice latte
and smell the cinnamon pastries in the morning,
we hang on to the memories that summer left behind
it will be Winter before we know it...

Ah Autumn, Autumn how beautiful you are,
orange and sage, maroon and rusty,
with your deep peach sunsets like slices of love,
cozy and chilly, rainy and semi-warm, 
ever so kind to my heart and trust-worthy!

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