Friday, September 6, 2019

An Afternoon at the Park with Viv.

Spent an afternoon at the park near Vivian's school where a lot of parents from Vivian's school took their kids. There was a lot to do, besides the kinds playing in the playground. and jumping on bouncy houses They saw and fed chickens and roosters and even got to visit with the local police and firemen. Vivian had so much fun touring and checking out the police car and the fire trucks. She spent a lot of time with her best friend (not pictured) and we took a lot of fun photos of the two girls together. It was hot AF. Those flavored shaved ice cups were needed. They were definitely overpriced though.

I - as usual - was definitely overdressed for the playground, but that's how I roll lol. I love this black monochromatic look, slightly edgy too with the little holes and frayed distressing on the hem. These black skinny jeans are by Abercrombie, the grey pointy-toe suede loafers are by Express, the white embroidered tank-top and black tulle crystal-encrusted statement earrings are by Loft, while my oversized tortoise sunglasses are by Lord and Taylor.

And finally the bunnies - Vivian's most favorite pets. They were super cute and fluffy. Vivian had so much fun that afternoon. I cannot wait to do similar things with her this Fall at the local apple orchards and cider mills by us. After all, there are a lot of fun outdoor Autumn activities here in Michigan and we have some of the best apples in the world, some of which are locally-grown just a few miles away from us. FALL is in my opinion the prettiest season in the Mitten State. Have any of you ever visited or lived in Michigan?!