Friday, August 30, 2019

If I Loved You - Poetry.

I haven't written a love poem in a while. It hasn't "come" to me I guess. But today those love poem thoughts came to my mind and I whipped up with the poem below. I knew I wanted to write something along the lines of "If I Loved You", and that ended up being my title too. I loved how beautiful it turned out and all the raw emotions and beautiful, unique and romantic metaphors that are poured into it! I hope you like it as much as I do. Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!! Enjoy the poem, below!

[September 1st 2019, 10.50 P.M.]

If I loved you
we would paint the city red, gold, fuchsia and blue,
we would leave footprints through the night,
as echos of our voices kissed the moonlight,
and raptures of our shivering bodies felt the city's depth,
I would curl up next to you and hold you within my heart...

If I loved you
you would know it by the glint in my eye,
my face would tell a thousand emotions,
my body would tremble next to your existence,
you would know my name and call it out just like that,
you would kiss me passionately and make love all night...

If I loved you
I would swim through the deepest ocean, into the blue,
I would fly free like a bird,
I would follow your footsteps, give you a head start,
I would live in your head and you would live inside my soul,
we would comfort each other, for the short and for the long haul...

If I loved you
hotter than the sun, more sterling than the moon,
I would dress you with hugs and kisses every morning,
as we would snooze our alarm clocks and do our coffee-drinking,
I would let you pick out my outfits and button my silky blouses,
I would let you compliment me and tell me how that shade of pink lipstick glows...

If I loved you
and you loved me too,
I would not let anyone double-cross us,
no crooks and bad cooks would mess up with our bliss,
we would savor that yummy love story we had cooked together
from the crock of dawn until we went to bed to rest next to each other...

If I loved you
all you had to do is stare into my eyes,
my heart would beat so strong for you my boo,
my feelings would be stronger than ever, as deep as the Mediterranean sea,
I would follow you to the moon and beyond,
I would breathe, kiss and love with you by my side...

If I loved you, just if...
you would mean the world to me, 
but what would I mean to you?!