Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Thursday Moda #176: BLESSED!

I have been MIA and I can go on and on about the reasons why, but bottom line these reasons don't really matter! First things first, I got myself a new computer (finally). I just ordered a new Chromebook (HP) and I have only been using it for two hours tops. It is a little different than a regular lap-top with less buttons too so I need to get the hang of it but I think I will. So many things are different but again it will just take some time. My least favorite thing about it is that the caps lock don't exist and I think the google replacement for them makes it harder to type, especially if you are a fast typist like myself. I haven't commented as much as would have liked, or been able to link my posts due to my other computer freezing and I for sure have not posted much at all. On top of this, life has been so busy and just this week alone I have had to do something every evening after work that hasn't included blogging, Instagram or any other fun hobbies. But enough "complaining". I honestly have so much to be thankful for. I AM SO BLESSED!

Blessed in particular for this beautiful little girl right here, who turns 6 years and 6 months old this Friday on July 19th. Vivian is such a good, loving, happy, smiling, go-lucky child who absolutely loves drawing and painting and is so good at it, too. I am whole-heartedly and totally blessed that Viv is my daughter, my little princess, my ray of sunshine! She has such a big heart, makes friends with everyone, loves everyone in our family and tells everyone she loves them, even her extended family members. Bless her heart she is so sweet. I can see her continue to be her positive, happy self as she continues to grow and learn. But Vivian is also super sensitive and takes so many things personally like if she goes to a playground and kids don't want to play with her, she gets upset; this even happened exactly on the day of these photos, this past Sunday. 

I have been trying to spend some extra time with Vivian this Summer and going on mother-daughter dates together, even grandma/mama/granddaughter dates. Before we both know it this warm season filled with sunshine and warmth will end so soon and Vivian will go back to school and start first grade. Meanwhile she is enjoying Summer school, learning new things in there, doing fun things like art projects, dancing, learning music and singing, learning more fun computer games, spending a lot of fun time outdoors with activities, playing and staying super active. This morning I paid for her last month of school, because let's face it August is just days away. Vivian will go from Summer school straight to vacation because my mom, her and I are going for a few days to Lake Michigan and that ladies is another reason to be BLESSED! The blog can wait, big effin deal if I have only been able to do this very much part-time. SUMMER CANNOT WAIT, it will be over soon! VIVIAN CANNOT WAIT, kids grow like weeds (she will be bigger and arguing with me before I know it). Lets be blessed together in continuing to enjoy the long, hazy, hot days of Summer and spending as much time as possible with our lovely kids. After all - kids are our biggest blessings, I know mine is!

I will always treasure photos like these with my daughter and look at them with happy tears when Vivian is older, I especially love our selfies together. You cannot deny our strong bond in these pictures, and this sweet, real, unconditional love we have for one-another; this child loves her mama so much!

Last week you all loved how I dressed up my little navy dress for work and you loved the jewelry I chose and the fun red shoes - Thank You all! As I was looking through the links I noticed so many different outfits and lots of fun bright colors as well as pastels (mint, red, yellow, green and sky blue were all in the mix). A couple of these ladies did reviews of too - a new website where you can rent and try clothes on before you buy them, while another lady tried (once again) her favorite styling website - Stitch Fix - which she uses all the time. Check out these looks I loved! 2 of these ladies were even featured two weeks in a row, here on Thursday Moda. I am looking at you my dear friends: Jennie and Kellyann. 
Not one, not two, but three beautiful bloggers wore lovely outfits, each showcasing their style during a blogger meet-up they just did recently. Shelbee shared her 'Asheville Experience' from her point of view and it was an awesome post. I loved how these ladies all chose different red patterns to wear. One can never, ever go wrong with red! 
Kellyann welcomed everyone to 'The World of Fashom' and I loved reading her take on this lovely website. The fun little yellow mini dress and colorful kimono were my two favorite items she received.
Fonda shared the most delightful, bright blue pantsuit styled in '3 Chic Ways'. I honestly loved all of the different ways she styled this beautiful suit but I loved it with the pretty blouse in matching blue floral print.
I will always and forever be a fan of a wrap dress and I prefer them with flowers in the Summertime. Ruth also tried the styling service of 'Fashom' and my absolute favorite on her was this flirty little green wrap dress, pairing lovely with those fun white pumps and a little yellow handbag!
Amy is also a fan of yellow, while I always love yellow paired with white for the Summer - great outfit on her part. Amy herself continues to create awesome outfits using another styling service - 'Stitch Fix'.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week. I got a style post which I am working on for Friday, hopefully another post for Sunday and I am working on a special collaboration and review post for Monday next week, with Fashom, so stay tuned. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED THE THURSDAY MODA LINKUP LAST WEEK. The new linkup is Live below. =)

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