Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Currently, July 2019 Plus Thursday Moda #174.

Happy July you all! Happy Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!! I cannot believe we are already half-way through 2019. It is sad to say but it seems like every year goes faster and faster. My blog has most definitely taken a back seat this year, which is OK. I have managed 2-3 posts each week which is fine, but I do hope that changes the other half of this year, starting with July. This little blog is still a hobby of mine. I love fashion, I love sharing a little bit about my life, Vivian and some of my poetry, of course. So I hope I get to do more blogging the rest of this Summer, all the way through New Year's Eve. Anyway, I am back linking with Anne  for her monthly "Currently" post.

reading: Just picked up a couple of new books. I will tell you all how that goes, when I start reading them LOL. I am also reading children's books, as I picked up new books for Vivian too, plus reading some of her favorites, too. 

 enjoying: the long evenings and the taste of Summer. 

finding: out that the older I get, the harder it is to burn fat and calories and my metabolism grows slower. With that said, I do need to find a diet that works and is doable for me. I always eat lots of soups and salads, fruits and veggies but damn I love bread, I like pasta, I like some carbs - though I don't do a lot of fried foods at all. Any recommendations when it comes to a diet?! Maybe I will combine a couple of diets. I honestly don't know but I hope to figure it out. I just want to loose ten pounds, shed some inches, feel better and be healthy overall! 

saving: Money (or at least trying to). I am just 6 weeks away from our vacation too. Plus I am saving up for a new lap-top, which I hope to purchase during Amazon Prime Day on July 15th-16th.

tasting: new fizzy drinks. I discovered this organic soda lately. It is basically fizzy water flavored with cucumber and melon. Very light, perfect for the Summer and I love the taste. I also discovered this Raspberry Iced Tea in a can that Vivian and I both love. It was low in sugar, too. 

Now, let's take a look at what I have blogged previously this time, in the last couple of years.

I loved this Red, White and Ombre Outfit which describes this Fit+Flare Lace Dress perfectly. It is one of those dresses you can wear from a very casual weekend or Summer BBQ to a Summer Wedding. It is that kind of dress and it is that good! Plus let me tell you - so comfortable. The lining inside is 100% light poplin cotton. I went for a semi-dressy look here with my Snakeskin Python Clutch, Red Lipstick, Turquoise Earrings and Multi-Colored Striped Espadrilles (love that pop of red). Great Patriotic Look.

On that same post my sweet Vivian wore her own Patriotic Look by pairing that cute Chambray Skort with an Adorable American Flag Tank Top tucked inside it (I want that tank in my size). She accessorized with cute barrettes and Multi-Colored Beaded Black Thong Sandals and looks A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E of course!

last year.

I let it all out last year, literally and figuratively as I posted our Americana, Patriotic Swimsuits exactly on the 4th of July. This was a different-than-usual post for me because you don't see me prancing around in such little clothing, let alone a two-piece swimsuit. It is hard but also powerful to show yourself in a swimsuit. With all of our flaws, flabs, mummy tummies, cellulite and all. I will be posting this post on My Instagram today and tag it under #wearthesuit a powerful hashtag going on, on Instagram where women of all ages, body types, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc. post their selfies wearing a swimsuit. Check it out! Oh and another Mommy+Me Matching Post with my dear daughter. Isn't her Striped Octopus Swimsuit the cutest?! Love her American Flag Hair Accessories, too. By the way, both of our suits are from Target.

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