Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Best Grandpa and Beautiful Holland, Michigan.

I hope you all had a fantastic Father's Day Weekend! It was rainy, wet and chilly here, with temperatures less than 60 degrees. Honestly, it was a lot warmer  and sunnier on Mother's Day and that was 5 weeks ago. But in honor of Father's Day I have a very special post today with beautiful pictures taken in Holland, Michigan - a beautiful beach town by Lake Michigan with an adorable down-town and some amazing gardens, fountains and greenery.

My dad is the best grandpa. He is such a loving, kind and patient grandfather to Vivian. And, just a month ago, he became a grandpa for a second time as my brother and his wife had a baby girl. My dad and Vivian are best buddies and get along very well. Vivian has always loved and been close to her grandpa, since before she could even talk. Their bond is so strong. This bond has even gotten stronger because of all the Summer little getaways and weekends that the three of us have gone to together (me, Vivian and my dad). This was one of those little weekend getaways, last July in Holland, Michigan, specifically. You can tell from these photos how happy my sweet little Vivian was to spend time with her grandpa. She held his hand and they walked together for a little bit. Over this Summer, Vivian will be spending an entire day with grandpa every week. Tuesdays will be her days to spend with my dad and I am sure she will have a blast. My dad usually takes her to the mall's playground or an outdoor playground. He buys her McDonalds, pretzels or ice-cream and they visit the two close-by libraries as well. She was so excited to give him, his Father's Day present. My kid is so funny. She was so specific about what to buy him: grey pants, light green shirt (since green is his favorite color) and a watch she said. We ended up getting him some new khaki pants, a teal-ish blue marbled shirt and a new black leather designer wallet. I don't know about you, but I feel it is hard to shop for men lol. But I am sure the best part of the gift, was the card that Vivian made for her grandpa. She drew a picture and wrote some kind and loving words from her heart, using a green crayon of course. She folded it like a card and even put it into an envelope. It was very thoughtful and precious.

Holland Michigan is such a pretty town in West of Michigan, by Michigan Lake. The down-town is specifically stunning. Holland has some of the best and prettiest gardens I have ever seen. There are also different works of art. My favorite is the family orchestra sculptures, all playing different musical instruments. But the gardens in the Summer are extra beautiful: all kinds of flowers, gorgeous different colors, different shapes and sizes of little lawns and gardens. There are also several water fountains throughout the city, not just in the down-town. You will see lots of photos of the beautiful gardens and fun fountains I am talking about. Even one of the banks has this huge front yard with a beautiful fountain and a few gardens surrounding it. If you live in Michigan or even Illinois or Indiana, Holland is just a few hours away so spend a night there and see it for yourself. I highly recommend it. We will probably stop for a day there, this Summer, too.

I love the mixing+matching Vivian and I did with our dresses. It was super hot that day. I am wearing a Light Linen Coral Color-Blocked Dress by Loft (I love the smocked halter neckline; it is very Summery and easy to wear), which looked so cute next to Vivian's Yellow Gingham Seersucker Sundress with beautiful fuchsia bows on the straps, matching the Hot Pink Bow on her hair. Vivian paired her dress with Light Pink Jelly Sandals, while I paired mine with Red Ruffled Faux Suede Slides. That Stunning Multi-Colored Birds Clutch is by Talbots and it screams Summer Vacation. Between all the colors in Viv's dress, the different shades of coral+pink in my dress and the rainbow birds in my clutch, I am loving all the rainbow vibes in our outfits, very appropriate to share this month of June since it is LGBT Awareness (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) month. Plus this Summer Rainbow Stripes are so in and I am loving them!