Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Thursday Moda #170: Shoulder Game.

If you have been reading my blog the last couple of posts, you know that I have been dealing with a lot of things at home: broken things, endless phone calls to fix things and computer issues among others. I am not a computer genius but I did a diagnosis and reset of my lap-top and now it is working a lot better. Hallelujah! I am finally able to work quicker so before it breaks again lol, I edited today's photos and put together this Thursday Moda post for you. So here it goes!

Now that the temperatures have warmed up a lot - 60s and 70s here and actually today it was as high as 80 degrees - you can totally play up your shoulders. Put your shoulder game into motion and wear those pretty tops and blouses that are off-the-shoulders, feature ruffles around the neckline, one shoulder or big statement sleeves like a high-up shoulder or an origami shoulder/sleeve. Shop your closet for such tops or if you don't own one, purchase a couple of new pretty tops that will showcase your shoulders. I did just that recently wearing this Pretty + Feminine Pastel Floral Blouse with Frilly Cap Sleeves (the blouse is from Loft). I decided to wear the blouse with its neckline normally, but it can be worn off the shoulders too. That way it elongates the neck and you could do a pretty necklace with it or apply some shimmery body powder. I paired my pretty blouse with my Cobalt Blue-ish Purple Harper Pants by Old Navy, my favorite Nude Ballet Flats (these are nude patent leather ones with skinny bows, by Banana Republic) and wore a Colorful Multi-Stranded Stretchy Bracelet in one hand and a Gold Pave+Pearl Bracelet on the other. Now, the thing I am not sure of is these giant Lavender Sunglasses I purchased off a friend of mine who owns a local boutique. I am all about supporting friends, local boutiques and small businesses. The glasses are fun and unique but I don't think the frames suit my face. They are too bold for me, I think. My mom hated them on me on this day (when I wore them with this outfit; I actually haven't worn them since). But the color of the glass is so pretty against the sun-rays and of course I love the pastel lavender of the frames. Plus these sunglasses certainly match these Flower Tassel Lavender Statement Earrings (on clearance by Target) to perfection. Overall, I do like this colorful and bright outfit. It is girly, put-together, colorful and very me. What do you think of this look and what do you think of the sunglasses on me?! Be honest - honesty is best!

I failed Thursday Moda last week therefore the linkup was light. But I did like some outfits featuring pretty skirts and dresses. Let's look below.

Amy rocked 'Flowers, Stripes and Camo'. Love the feminine and elegant way she wore a cropped peach cardigan over a beautiful rose-print maxi.
My friend Lorena always looks polished and loves black+white (or in this case cream) looks. I used  to own a couple of these Bubble Necklaces and I want to find one again and purchase it. She is in a beautiful 'Bubble Bust' with that colorful aqua necklace.
Speaking of colorful, look at those Americana stripes on Lisa's Aventura dress looking cute+comfy with nude Millers. I am a huge fan of a 'Swing Dress', even better if it has pockets.
Last but not least I love the combination of chocolate, camel and baby blue on Ruth's outfit. Those 'Abeo Mules' are the perfect color pop in this elegant+modern outfit of Ruth's.

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Currently, June 2019.


A New month, a new Currently series by dear Anne whose Life+Style blog I love. Let's see this month's prompts, though if I am being honest I am not feeling so motiVated right at this moment. I have been dealing with a hundred little problems lately. Such is life!

picking: Hopefully some pretty flowers soon and some berries from a local farm. Speaking of picking, I am currently waiting on hold over the phone, with Best Buy, and I forgot that it was time to pick up Vivian from the bus stop. Thankfully my mom was next to me and she remembered at the very last minute. So all's well that ends well.

 going: Unfortunately no where. But I will have my Mondays OFF this Summer since Vivian will be finishing Kindergarten and will attend Summer School part time. I plan on being outdoors a lot and taking her out to the beach, by the lake and a lot of nearby towns. We have so many cute down-towns around here.

wishing: That our refrigerator and our laptop gets fixed soon. We are both dealing with so much BS from Best Buy currently and they keep rescheduling the service appointment for our fridge. I even went to the store personally today and was there for over an hour, yet no solution. As far as the lap-top, it's running its course. I am considering buying a HP Chromebook. They are inexpensive and I have heard great things about them. Any of you have any thoughts, comments, advise or suggestions for a HP Chromebook?!

wearing: Currently I have on my favorite and very worn Cropped Black+White Windowpane Pants and a Beautiful Girly Ecru Blouse from Loft. However this Summer I plan on wearing a lot of dresses, jumpsuits, rompers and shorts, of course! What will you all be wearing?!

celebrating: Vivian's last day of Kindergarten on June 14th. I took that Friday OFF from work and plan on taking Vivian out for dinner with my family, too. he Rain we have been having. 

Now, let's take a look at what I have blogged previously this time, in the past years. I love going back and recapping favorite past looks. I see a little 'theme' going too. I spot some cardigans and belted dresses. And OMG is putting both hands on my waist a signature pose or what?! I don't own any of these pieces any longer but I surely liked all of these looks. 

I was working at my Marketing Management Job in Tirana, Albania when both of these outfit photos were taken. These are both looks I wore to work. These two outfits (here + here) have a few things in common: I have on 3/4-sleeved cardigans, I am layered for Spring, these are both dressy yet a little casual, they are put-together elegant looks, last but not least I belted them -- to be exact I belted the cardigan on top of the skirt or the dress. Both photos are taken at different areas of my workplace too, so I had to be quick with my camera and my poses lol. In all honesty I would wear both outfits in a heartbeat. They are still very much my style and classic enough to wear for 2019. I do love how that orange cowl-neck dress looks against the polka dots, though.

These photos are taken just a few months post-partum and I must say I was skinnier than I am now. As a new mom to a baby I didn't dress up too much but I loved that I sort of did this time. This Nude-ish-Brown Trapeze Dress didn't come with a belt of its own but looked great with this Matching Brown Belt. Honestly the dress fits very loose and oversized, wore it many times through my pregnant months actually. I loved how cute this look came out with the different shades of the same color palette, including the Nude Ballet Flats and that Baby Pink Ruffled Cardigan - the same cardigan worn on the above photo with the peplum skirt, too. And look I was ahead of the barrette trend as I am wearing the cutest little crystal barrette on my hair.

OK, so this is a totally different look than the previous three. It is very bright for one. I actually think this is THE BRIGHTEST look I have ever worn or blogged. I am wearing Neon Yellow with Neon Pink for God's sake. I cannot be missed. I love these Chino Khakis by Gap actually. In real life they are not as bright as they seem here. Also this Neon Yellow Portofino Shirt by Express is awesome. I owned it in royal blue too. I currently own it in a pretty coral peach. Those Gap Ballet Flats match it perfectly. I also love how this Neon Orange/Yellow/Green Statement Necklace matched the entire outfit. Would I wear this look today?! Honestly I don't know. Maybe without the necklace. Maybe with nude flats. Maybe I'd wear it as is but the pants with a different shirt or the shirt with different pants - I'd keep the accessories the same if I swapped either the top or the bottoms.

I was teaching English and ESL to first, second and third-graders then. This was one of my work outfits. I loved that job by the way. I did it part-time since I also spent time with Vivian but it gave me a chance to make a little money and get out of the house at the same time. It gave me a chance to get dressed up too. I paired these Mixed Media Quilted Navy Skinny Pants with a Beautiful and Well-Made Pastel Floral Sweater. The skinny pave gold bows on my Perforated Little Peep-Toe Wedges matched the Gold Clutch with its skinny bow, perfectly. Also the necklace has glass pastel beads - perfect match for my sweater.

So, out of these 5 outfits, which 2 are your favorites?! Also, how would you were Neon Colors for Summer?!