Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Poetry...

I hope your Good Friday and Easter Weekend was/is a great one and it is filled with rich, full and yummy tables, Easter baskets full of goodies for the kids, candy, egg hunts, a surprise or two and great weather! Our Easter is not over since I am Christian Orthodox and celebrate it next Sunday. But Vivian will still very much enjoy her American Easter.

I got a little poetry for you today, written over 15 years ago actually. My life was so different back then. I was in the beginning stages of dating the guy who a year and a half later would become my husband. I was very young and honestly sometimes I don't even feel like I lived that life. I have some new material I have written lately but wanted to share this little poetry titled "A Poetry..." from a decade and a half ago because I wouldn't change any words or syllabus, any dots or anything, even if I wrote it, now, today. Hope you like it.

[January 12th 2004.]

A Poetry is a rhythm of life,
cooked with heart and soul,
blessed and inspired by love,
not forged, not forced, but free a horse running through a green field!

A Poetry is an omen of feelings,
taken abruptly from inside,
poured into each and every verse
through similes, metaphors and alterations,
like a glass filled up with the liquid of hope and survival!

A Poetry is my companion, my friend,
the one who lends me its ear,
the one that understands me entirely and whole-heartedly,
the one I dance with every night before I sleep,
so beautiful, so calm, so helpful, so sweet!!