Monday, April 15, 2019

What Will Be in Vivian's Easter Basket!

I cannot believe April is already half-way through and Easter is this coming Sunday. The question in everyone's minds is what will be in your kids' Easter basket?! Today I am sharing what I will be putting into Vivian's Easter Basket.

For the smaller/less expensive items, I lucked out and found them at The Five Below store. In case you don't know, the Five Below is a discounted superstore where everything is five dollars or less. They have many items like lipsticks, brushes, notebooks, books, colors, little toys, frames, pencils+pens, kites and even some clothing like flats, flip-flops, tees, leggings, etc. From the Five Below store I picked two of the "Step Into Reading 1" Books since Vivian is just learning how to read as a Kindergartener. She loves unicorns and Shimmer and Shine so one book is on unicorns and one is on the two beloved characters of one of her favorite Nickelodeon shows "Shimmer and Shine". I also picked up a coloring book with unicorns, featuring markers in pastel unicorn-y colors (aqua, peach, gold, light pink, silver and coral). I picked up a little toy egg that has a little Shopkins toy inside, a set of pencils+erasers and two JoJo Bows. My local Five Below store had 5-6 different kind of those large JoJo Bows and I picked two for Vivian since she loves JoJo Siwa and her large, pretty bows. 5 bucks for one of her bows is a steal since they usually run between 8 to 20 bucks a piece. Last but not least, I picked up a huggable sleepy stuffed animal. It is very soft and plush and pretty flat so it is easy to cuddle with as they sleep. I got Vivian the grey cat one, but they also had a blue dolphin unicorn one, a black dog one, a yellow and a pink duck one, etc. The other things I picked out for Vivian is this adorable mermaid pillow from Target, these beautiful gold unicorn sandals by the Cat+Jack line at Target, a couple of eggs filled with slime - they were a dollar each at the dollar aisle of Target - and a Large Milk Chocolate Egg. I might even add some socks to her Easter basket. These critter socks are perfect for my animal-lover girl. This knee-high 2-pack is also super cute! 

Since I am Greek Orthodox, our Easter falls the following week - on April 28th. Since I am not ready yet, I will probably give Vivian her Easter basket on the 28th. But on April 21st - weather permitting - Vivian will do an Easter egg hunt. I will probably do around two dozen eggs for her this year (to find), most of which will be outside in our front yard and some will be hidden inside the house. Speaking of baskets, I am buying Viv a new, very pretty Easter basket at Target. I am eyeing this one with the Pastel Spring lining it is a very nice Easter basket for the price. And I hope my Target has it the day after Easter so I can get it for half-off. I have also seen this basket in person which is perfect for girls. It is quite big and very nice and it costs 15 bucks. They have a smaller version too which is ten bucks. This tutu-skirted pink basket is perfect for toddler girls or baby girls, too.

What are you all putting in your kids Easter baskets?!