Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Currently, April 2019.

Happy April you all! The month of Good Friday, Lent and Easter is upon us. A new month is here already. Where did March go?! But April makes us that much closer to Spring, Summer and warm weather so I will take it. Plus I think this will be a great month. It started on a Monday, it started with a brand-new fresh week. It also started with nice weather and lots of sunshine. It's all good. Anne has a new new set of "Currently" prompts for April and I am joining her as usual.

experiencing: A Taste of Spring. We have had lots of showers, blue skys and I have seen some flowers and trees started blooming lately, so we can't complain. The grass is getting greener, too. We are definitely seeing the first touches of Spring. Plus the days are and feel munch longer. I have seen the sun setting around 8.00 PM twice, lately. The weather is warmer too. I was without a coat yesterday, just a sweatshirt and a tank-top underneath. As a matter of fact all this week the high temperatures were between 48 and 56 degrees and by Friday and Saturday they will get in the 60s.

appreciating: My dear mother. I am so lucky and blessed to have the most amazing parents. My mom especially helps me a lot with Vivian. Vivian is off from school all this week for Spring Break. My dear mother took the entire week of from work so that she could be with my daughter and I most definitely appreciate it very much. Her birthday is next week and I plan on giving her something amazing! She is a fantastic mother and I never say it enough! I also appreciate the longer days and the warmer weather (read prompt above this). 

wishlisting: Cute New Sandals for Vivian for Summer and some matchy mommy+me pieces from Old Navy. Also, putting together Vivian's Easter Basket. I will put together a post on this, soon. 

posting: more blog posts on my blog and more posts on my Instagram. I have been a horrible blogger the last 6 months but my goal this April is to get at least 20 or 21 posts here on Elegance and Mommyhood and start posting more outfits and more current pieces. Also, I will be posting some new pieces from Loft I have gotten lately and at least 2 or 3 Mommy+Me Easter Looks with the first one being next week.

considering: An out-of-Michigan Summer Vacation for this year. I am thinking the week of the 4th of July week. I am considering Florida and the Carolinas as places to go. Where can I find any great deals?! Groupon?! Any suggestions, thoughts and ideas on where to go on vacation this Summer?! Any tips on saving on this vacation?! Please, I need your help! Thank you! =)

Last but not least, let's take a look back at two outfits I have worn in April in the previous two years. Both of these are office/work looks. Two different ways I wear pants to work. Enjoy!

2 years ago.

 Here I paired dark colors (from my beautiful peplum top by Loft) with light blush pink (the Harper cropped pant by Old Navy). I liked the juxtaposition of the look and all the mix of colors: dark teal, seafoam, light pink, pink, baby blue, lime green, blush. Plus the light pink pants bring out all the pinks of the pants. There is a little pattern mixing going between the Floral Peplum Blouse and the Leopard Tasseled Loafers (by Charlotte Russe) as well. My sweet Vivian went to an Easter-themed event that day and was all dressed up in an Easter dress. Isn't her Polka Dot Tulle-Skirted Dress with the Embellished Pink+Yellow Butterflies the prettiest?! It comes with that little hot pink bolero jacket. I also love her Pink Patent Leather Rosette Flats. She stole the post for sure. What do you think of our looks?!

last year.
This was last year for a work day. But this time I am not wearing loafers or flats, but rather heels. These Pointy Toe Nude Suede Pumps (by H+M) go with everything. This time around I paired some Spring Pastels - Yellow and Blush Pink - with Black and White. I loved the results of this quadruple of colors. I love love pairing any yellow with black and white, especially for Spring. This Bright Yellow Sweater (by Loft) is light and lovely. As a matter of fact I haven't worn this yellow sweater this year so since I am looking back at this post, I am reminding myself to wear it today and some more during April and May. Stay tuned for more outfit posts with this gorgeous yellow sweater.

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