Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thursday Moda #158: That Little Flicker - Poetry.

Hi you all. How is life and the weather in your parts of town?! I decided to post my newest, latest poem this day on Thursday Moda and I just wrote it. The style of this particular poetry is a little different. But it is full of emotions and raw feelings as usual and as with most of my poems there is hope at the end of this one, too. I decided to title it "That Little Flicker" and I love the metaphor of a flicker because it is such a beautiful colorful bird. Most flickers are gold and gold to me represents the color of the sun, it represents hope! I also think with the word "flicker" in its title, this poetry got some Spring inside it, both literally and figuratively. So, read on below to find out why I titled it like this. I hope you like it. Have a great day and an even greater weekend!

[7.25 A.M. March 14th 2019.]

Faces, races, events, things and places,
where we drive every day,
where we are and where we want to stay,
belonging to a universe bigger than reality,
feeling our hearts with grace and our souls with charity!

Beauty, honesty, guilt, truth and fantasy,
whatever we touch, touches us back,
we try to escape and run our own prison break,
I get the feeling that sometime we are scared savage,
we want peace of mind but that is often just an image!

Bravery, cavalierly, a good sense of humor, sex appeal and generosity,
these are the things we want to see in him,
our partner, our lover, the man to share our bed with,
that knight in shining armor that protects us,
the light at the end of the tunnel of the darkness we try to leave behind!

Friction, conviction, bent-up emotions, loosing our cool, commotion,
life has it all in this long street we walk,
we fail sometimes as we are giving it a shot,
but sometimes we succeed among the best of them all,
we take pride into our work and achieve results!

Wonder, wander, a sense of lust, physical connections and flounder,
we experience it all in this maze of  a life we walk into,
we get tired, we get lost, we get captured, we surrender,
we fall in love, we kiss, we have sex,
we become irate, irrational and insane!

But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger,
the grace of your spirit will take you far,
you won't feel the pain, uncertainty and loss any longer,
you will breathe a sign of relief,
you will aim to win, you will go far and further!

With that little flicker of hope in your eyes,
when you thought you hit rock bottom,
good things will bloom before you,
it is not the end of the rope, it is the start...
of a new beginning, a new hope to catch, a new sun to greet!

About 80 outfits were linked last week. I was attracted to edgier looks it seems. Oh and some bold and beautiful red dresses too. There is a lot of red in my collage, below. Also, notice how a couple of these ladies chose to wear cute socks peeking from either their pumps or their booties. Well done!

Elise is 'St. Patty's Day Festive' in that over-the-shoulder emerald green tunic paired with a designer bag and skinny jeans tucked into camel boots. I am loving the combo of camel with green!
My friend Amy shared a 'Grace Karin Red Hot Dress' which she paired elegantly with all black and that bold, chunky, cluster pearl necklace.
Mica shared not one but two dresses with scarves in her post and I had a hard time choosing which one to feature. But ultimately the feather print won me over. That is a good way to wear 'Scarves for the Office'.
Christine perfectly showed us 'How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans the French Chic Way'. It was the right way to pair those two-tone pumps with little fishnet socks and add a wallet belt to her classic herringbone blazer. Plus the French cap was a nice little nod to her roots!
Leave it to Shelbee to look like a million bucks in a 'Little Red Dress Event'. Her entire outfit was under $50 but looked super expensive while being fun, bold, edgy, sexy and classy too!

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