Sunday, August 25, 2019


I think it is important to find something beautiful in every day. As cliché as that sounds it is the truth and something we should live by. Honestly, as I also mentioned in my most recent  Thursday Moda post where I showed you my swimsuit style, I haven't felt that beautiful this year. On the contrary I have felt bloated, fat, and not in tip-top shape, at least as far as my body goes. But I do know there is beautiful in me, in my life, in the daughter who gets to call me "Mommy" every day and in the everyday little curveballs that life throws us, whether good and exciting or bad and exhausting! 

I rediscovered this "Feel Beautiful" T-shirt from my t-shirt collection recently, I have had it for at least 7 or 8 years, it is by White House Black Market and it is very simple but I love that powerful, beautiful, strong, simple little message it conveys "Feel Beautiful". Because we should all feel beautiful, and not just when we are dressed to the nines, our makeup is on fleek or we are having a great hair day. We should feel beautiful even after a dentist's appointment, when we are PMSing, when we may have spilled coffee on our clothes in the morning or when we are starting the day rushing through the hustle and bustle of each morning. We should feel beautiful on the outside when our inside is beautiful and trust me no matter how ugly, unattractive, not pleasant to the eye or physically unappealing one may feel or look, if their heart is big and beautiful and their spirit is strong and kind, it will show through. Be happy and you will feel beautiful! I just love this little black graphic t-shirt. Plus the tee is 100% soft cotton and I love that it is a simple black color with beautiful white cursive writing, that means it will match well with ANY color. So, you can totally dress it down with jeans and sneakers or booties, in between like I did here with this watercolor coral pencil skirt and my cute red ruffled slides by Target or dress it up for work with cropped pants, a blazer over it and pumps.

Vivian took all my photos above and then we took one together. This was a Sunday where we had lunch together and then went shopping for school supplies. You can see Vivian's joy as we purchased her school items on my recent Instagram post. You can always follow me on Instagram to keep up with me daily. =)

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  1. Love how you paired the shirt with the skirt. Self love can be so hard to do sometimes.


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