Sunday, June 30, 2019

TEN Red, White and Blue 4th of Inspired Looks!

You guys, I have been such a bad blogger. As you all know I work full-time and I am a full-time mom (I have been doing the mom thing alone for a couple of years now - but we will get to that in another post). Plus I have been adjusting to a new Summer Schedule with Vivian (she goes to Summer school part-time) takes its toll on you when it comes to time. But as if that wasn't enough, I have been dealing with computer problems in the last three months. It freezes all the time and the clicker freezes and doesn't work. I have to continually open and un-open the computer to continue working where I left it off. It is so annoying. It is the main reason why I haven't joined linkups either because it takes forever, and I am sorry for that. I am a supportive blogger but if life or technology gives you lemons... you make it work however you can. Thank God my phone works fine and you can always catch up with me on Instagram. I am waiting for Amazon Prime Day to order a nice, inexpensive little laptop. I am considering a Chromebook. Do any of you own a Chromebook?! What do you think of them?!

On a style note, I have so many outfits shot and ready to be blogged. But in today's post I wanted to highlight TEN 4th of July-Inspired Red, White and Blue Looks. Of course there are a lot of stripes in the mix - my striped dresses (I own so many striped dresses), etc. But there are also solid red, white and blue pieces and of course a blue denim jacket is always a great piece to consider for the 4th of July, especially in the evening if it cools off - as you are outside looking at fireworks. A jacket will protect you from mosquito bites, too. So, let's flashback to these outfits from 4+5 years ago. I have blogged all of them before. I will say something about each outfit, but will keep it short+sweet! 

If you have to work on 4th of July - I have to work for 6 hours - and want to keep it classic, patriotic yet very wearable, elegant and work-chic, go for an outfit like this. I love the combination of this Button Nautical Cobalt Blue Pencil Skirt by the Limited with my Red, Long-Sleeve Portofino Blouse by Express and the Medium-Wash Denim Jacket by H+M. Those Suede Navy+White Polka Dot Flats by Gap keep it classy and office-chic too. This is perfect for work too cause those offices are chilly. This is possibly my favorite outfit in this whole bunch or at least on top 3!

I have always loved this Red+White Ponte Fit+Flare Dress by H+M. It goes with so many things plus the style is flattering and feminine. It can be dressed up or down. I love it paired with the gold bag for a nautical look. To be more patriotic, you can do some blue sandals, flats or slides.

Now this is a dressy look. Fancy and fun. It would be perfect for a 4th of July Weekend Wedding or Bridal Shower or if you have to go to a 4th-Inspired Fancy Party. I paired a Silky Floral Print A-Line Fit+Flare Dress by H+M with Lipstick Red Patent Leather Red Designer Stilettos and a Matching Red Statement Necklace. For a purse, I carried a Little Silky Royal Blue Wristlet Clutch by Express - that blue clutch brings out the blue flowers from the dress.

A pair of white jeans is always a good piece to wear for the 4th of July. I paired these Skinny White Jeans with a Peplum Navy Polka Dot Ponte Tank Top by Express and these American Flag Toms Sneakers. I like the Whimsical Bag too in an Ostrich Leather (blue background with a red heart in the middle). The bag says "I Love You but I Love Me More" - a great motto to have actually, except  when it comes to your kids, you should love them more than yourself!

I love the nautical effects of this look with the Navy Ponte Mini Skirt (I like those fun gold pyramid studs in it), paired with a Tucked-In Blue+White Pinstriped Ruffled-Collar Button-Down Shirt by White House Black Market, all looking sleek and nautical with the Gold Leather Designer Bag. I chose to make it more nautical with these Baby Pink Leather Loafers. For the 4th of July, I would have worn my Red Leather Loafers and a Bright Red Lipstick.

I love a good denim skirt and they have made a comeback in the last few years. I purchased this fun distressed one which I love back in Albania. Looks so good with that Breezy Sleeveless Button-Down Portofino Shirt by Express - these shirts are my favorite. Paired it with my Blush Pink Silk Wedges topped with 3D Flowers with Crystal Embellishments, matched my jewelry nicely. I love that I went for a red lip to match my shirt, too.

This is a typical 4th of July look I would wear. One can never go wrong with a Casual Striped T-Shirt Dress for the 4th of July vacation. This Light Ponte Dress is by Express and I paired it with my Denim Jacket on top - T-Shirt Dresses always look Spectacular with Denim Jackets. But, I unexpectedly chose Black Oxford Shoes, since when I wore this IRL it was May still. I love how the Turquoise Mini Clutch and Red Lipstick pop!

Here I went for a monochromatic look with all the blue but that is a Silk Navy Romper (not shorts) by Armani Exchange underneath that Fun American Flag Sequined Graphic Blue T-Shirt. Totally Americana and very Patriotic too since those Red+White Striped Laceup Wedges were the perfect match to this look!

A] I have always loved mixing prints and patterns like I did here with my Floral Skirt (from Albania) and Polka Dot Chambray Shirt (from Old Navy). B] I always think a Button-Down Chambray Shirt looks great tucked into a Midi Skirt, especially an A-Line Style Midi Skirt. Bringing out the white and especially the red of the skirt, I carried this Fun Rectangle White+Red Colorblocked Crossbody Bag. I also love those Colorblocked Green+Black Bow Flats - the green brings out the little green leaves from the skirt.

Last but not least I am sharing this Very Americana and Very Nautical Red+White+Blue Striped Midi Ponte Dress I still own and wear a lot. I love the graduating stripes here and that Awesome Heart Bag once again matched it perfectly. I also love the gradient Grey Crystal Necklace by White House Black Market which looked so nice with the Maroon Jelly Wedges. The dress, bag, shoes and both cocktail rings were purchased in Albania, by the way. 

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Which of these outfits are your 2-3 favorites and why?! Let me know in the comments. I always appreciate you stopping by and supporting my blog!

Happy 4th of July week everyone! The new Thursday Moda Linkup will go live Tuesday Night at 9.00 PM Eastern Time. Since the 4th of July is a holiday, I am 'releasing' the linkup 24 hours ahead. Wishing you all a Fantastic New Month. I cannot believe we are half-way through 2019, already. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Thursday Moda #173: Movie Dates with Vivian and a Dose of Stars.

Even as a kid I have never been into cartoons, animated movies/series, doll-like movies and such. But, since having a kid of my own, in the last couple of years especially, I have come to appreciate ALL Children's Movies, including animated ones. Actually some of those I have preferred more than movies with real humans lol. Such was the case for "The Secret Life of Pets" which we watched with Vivian last night, and loved it. The outfits from today's post are from our movie night together last night, which ended with Coldstone Ice-Cream for dessert. I ordered (for the first time ever) the Strawberry Blondie: it was a delicious goodness of strawberry ice-cream all mushed with real strawberries and gooey caramel in a yummy waffle cone! It was the perfect ending - since it was in the 80s too - to an amazing Movie Date Night with Vivian and let me tell you, her and I both loved "The Secret Lives of Pets 2" though we never saw the first one, but that is something for us to do on a night at home, sometime this year. Speaking of movies, I have seen most if not all of the Princess Movies and Animated Movies this year. So far, this year - if my memory serves me correctly - we have watched "Mary Poppins", "Wonder Park" - loved this one a lot by the way, the message was so cute - I especially suggest it for the moms with daughters, "The Ugly Dolls", "Aladdin" - my favorite movie this year from the few I have watched and one of my most favorite ones in a long while - and now the new 'Pets" movie. Next is "Toy Story 4" and "The Lion King". Later this year I am looking forward to the new "Frozen" movie and the new "Maleficent" movie with Angelina Jolie. Have you watched any children's movies this year?! Which ones?! I thought "Aladdin" was amazing so if you haven't yet - go watch it! Phenomenal!! Not just the story. But the beautiful special effects, the costumes, the original songs, etc, etc. I have also heard great things about "Toy Story 4" so we are looking forward to watching that soon. How do you all feel about children's movies?!

Isn't this comfortable, pretty, Star-Print Spaghetti-Strap Midi Dress perfect for this time of year with the 4th of July right around the corner?! We all need a dose of stars this Summer. I am so glad that star patterns are so in, too! Besides the patriotic print, the soft gauzy material of the dress (not a cheap gauze either, soft and sturdy) and the length of the dress with the open A-Line style and the thin spaghetti straps, make it a great Summer dress overall for hot temperatures. This time around it looked so cute with my Target Black Gladiator Sandals, this Maroonish Crossbody Bag (also from Target) and the Oversized Maroon+Tortoise Ann Taylor Sunglasses. You will see this dress styled and worn very soon before the 4th of July, again, with either my Red+White Striped Slides or some Cute Red Sandals. By the way, on my way out of the movie theater I saw another young lady wearing this very same dress. Great minds think alike! This star dress is by Aerie by the way and it was for 40% OFF.

Makeup-Free and Fresh-Faced on this very hot Summer Afternoon.

You Loved my Put-Together Mom Athleisure last week - thank you. I noticed lots of prints in red, white and blue and some pretty subtle patterns. This week I am featuring a few of my blogging friends as they nailed Summery looks. There is also a new face in the mix and a returning blogger who joined my linkup again, after not seeing her for a few weeks. =)
Shel did one of those 'Inspired By' posts she does about twice a month, looking lovely in a baby-doll bohemian dress with white booties. Loved it so much, I will re-create it!
Sophisticated Di who nails work style, always, linked a post with not one but three adorable 'Living Coral' Outfits. Ultimately this one with the belted midi skirt was my favorite.
Tatiana is always so posh and elegant. She talked about a 'Totally New Experience' by trying a Jumpsuit with a Blazer. 
In a 'Dramatic Boho Dress' Ruth looked lovely in prints, patterns and a hi-lo hem. Love her pops of pastels with the bag and mules.
New Mom Duhamel is back to blogging and looking so slim and elegant in a 'Chanel Inspired Tweed Dress' which is so beautiful.
Last but not least only my super fashionable friend Cheryl can make a 'Muumuu' look amazing. Not only do I love her breezy Californian styling but I am always a fan of white+light blue prints for Summer.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Making a Legacy - Poem.

Let this new poem I just wrote be some food for thought. If you are having a bad day, feel bad about something, feel like you don't measure up, if you 'compare' yourself and your life to others and don't measure up (and you shouldn't compare), if the weather is lousy and grey where you live, if you are feeling sick, if your kids are being little devils, if you are having the worst day ever (or if it feels like it is), let this poem be a positive hymn for you all. We all have so much life to live and legacies to make and continue making. Right?! Read on!!

[7.25 A.M., June 26th 2019.]

It has been a difficult year,
but the sunshine is on its way,
open up your blinds just a little bit,
let the sun and the sky come to you as they may...

Wake up and open those beautiful eyes,
make yourself a pot of fresh hot coffee,
don't be discouraged, be brave,
there is so much amazingness ahead of you, 
                                                 just believe!

Take a deep breath,
there is so much good oxygen in this world,
don't fall a victim of your own head,
get out of any funk you may have had!

Believe and be aware that you are doing great,
there are many paths to walk into,
many lessons still to be learned,
sunrises and sunsets into the deep dark blue!

Make it up as you go if you have to,
one day at a time, one step at a time,
feel the rhythm of the beats of your heart,
it is still beating, it is full of blood!

If things go wrong and they will, stand up still,
if you feel beaten up, take a shower and relax,
take good care of yourself, only you can,
take good care of your heart and your dreams!

Because everyone has something to say to you,
everyone wants to judge you, make you feel bad,
but you do you, continue to encourage yourself,
let the bad things be bygones, worry about yourself!

You don't have to fit anywhere,
you are you and I am me,
this monster of a world may give you a scare,
but here you are, making a legacy!

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Rainbow Stripes Pride.

June is Pride Month, also known as the month where the rights of the LGBT Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) are recognized and protected. In some ways I hate that there is a pride month and let me explain why. It is 2019 and yet people are STILL not accepted for who they are. It is none of our business who people fall in love with, love, decide to spend their lives with or how they decide to change their lives and their appearances if they chose to. Whether you are a man loving a man, a woman loving both a woman or a man, a heterosexual couple or a man deciding to turn themselves into a woman because that's what makes them happy - these are people and they should be treated, respected and loved the same. Who you love, anyone's personal life and/or happiness shouldn't be anyone else's business. Just their own. So, by that token I don't like that it is half-way through 2019 and we have a month to celebrate LGBT Pride. But, on the other hand, I like that June is the month of the LGBT Community because it makes us all realize that in this world there are ALL kinds of people and they should all be respected and treated the same. I think this month throws attention to those people who are not very accepting to others who are not like them. The LGBT community has enough challenges already, they do not need narrow-minded people to look at them differently, treat them differently, act differently towards them, etc. I am glad we have one month to acknowledge these people and I love it that a 'RAINBOW' is the LGBT symbol because I don't know about you but rainbows make everyone happy. After all, a rainbow comes at the end of each rain-storm and clears the sky, brings the sun closer. And rainbows, rainbow stripes and such are all over the stores this month (look at the display above, at my local Lord and Taylor). Let's all remember that Love is Love and you don't need a t-shirt to say that, but if you need to buy or wear a t-shirt, a dress, a scarf or whatnot to remind others who don't agree, than by all means do. I am a heterosexual woman who respects and admires all people for who they are. I could care less if they are gay or not, whether they go home to a man or a woman. People are people. Love is love. And kindness is always free - always remember these three things.

Though this dress wasn't purchased this month, I love that it represents this month perfectly, because of its beautiful rainbow stripes. I love the midi length, the button-front style and the soft, light linen material too. If this isn't the Best Summer Dress I don't know what is. I paired it with Silver+Snakeskin Strappy Ann Klein Espadrille Wedges and a Wine-Colored Soft-Leather Crossbody Bag. My sweet Vivian has enough rainbows on her too, between the Adorable Multi-Colored Heart-Print Skort by Cat+Jack from Target, and that JoJo Siwa Graphic Tee with a couple of rainbows in its design, and let's not forget her Flamingo, Rainbow-Striped Little Silver Necklace. Vivian is also wearing a Lavender/Teal/Pink Rainbow Bow JoJo Siwa Headband and by the way she loved all the rainbow-colored clothing and displays we saw today during our fun day spent together. Vivian loves, loves rainbows. She considers 'rainbow' one of her most favorite top three colors. As much as she loves pink. She always thinks rainbow is the best color. I love how sunny and positive this kid, is. Both of our outfits received a few compliments too, especially my dress. What do you think?! Are you wearing Rainbow-Striped Clothing this June for Pride Month?!