Friday, May 31, 2019

Poppy Blouse and Computer Issues.

You guys. I meant to post late Thursday night which turned into Friday, which turned into Sunday. But I am having computer issues. Granted my lap-top is old and honestly I could use a new one but May was an expensive month. Between bills, baby showers, birthday gifts (for others), new clothes for Vivian since she outgrew some of hers, expenses for her school approaching the end of the year, a necessary Amazon order, a new cell-phone and paying for half of Vivian's Summer School, I could easily say that May was a very expensive month to say the least. So I apologize that I haven't been able to post, comment on your blogs, follow up with you, link up with you all and all that. Any recommendations from you all for a lap-top that won't break the bank?! I am thinking up to $800?! Please let me know. I appreciate your suggestions and comments on this matter.

But, on a style note I am re-wearing this Gorgeous Kelly Green, Red and Coral Poppy Flower Blouse by Who What Wear (from Target) which you first saw on the blog in early May for one of my two Birthday posts. I totally dressed it up then, with its matching midi/maxi skirt. This time around this beautiful ruffled-collar poppy blouse got a little dressed down yet not totally casual since I am wearing heels. I used to own some pretty black bow sandals with heels. They were part leather and part lace. I wore them a lot. I was looking for a pair to replace them and these Real Suede Bow Sandals with Block Heels were my replacement. I love these sandals as they can so easily be dressed up or down. I love that they have an ankle strap too. Makes them more feminine, girly and elegant. I think they looked fantastic with these Ankle-Length Shimmery Silver Coated Skinny Jeans by Land's End (I am wearing my usual size 27 - I love all the pants, skinnies, denim and cords by Land's End). My Bright Orage Crossbody Bag by Target which I have owned and worn a lot for the past two years went really well with the blouse. The colors of the poppies compliment the bag well and vice versa. Last, I am wearing these Beaded Millennial Pink Statement Earrings (mine were from JC Penney, but I think both BaubleBar and Amazon have identical pairs - I have seen them on so many bloggers and Instagrammers). I love that I went for these Mustard Sunglasses too, for another unexpected shot of color. So, what do you think of this outfit?! Do you own a bright blouse in a bold floral print, like mine?! How would you style it for Spring or Summer?!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A You And a Me - Poetry. Plus Thursday Moda.

Our words are so powerful. They say a lot about us: what we feel, what we love, what we remember, what we forget, what we try to remember, what we try to forget, what we like, what we dislike, what hurts us, what makes us stronger or weaker, what puts a smile on our face and what causes us tormented tears. Our words can convey so much. Our words can express a million emotions. Hidden messages or not. What we have experienced or what we are experiencing. Words can make or break the world. At the end of the day, all we have is OUR WORD. The words and metaphors of a poetry do all of that and much more. A poetry is a work of our fantasy but a lot of times fiction and reality are more intertwined than you know it. I think by reading my poems, you can also get a feeling about me as a person, what my life is like or whatnot. Am I right?! Anyway, this poem just came out of the oven. Hot and fresh jut for you guys! Enjoy it!

A  You  And  a  Me...  [Poetry.]
8.45 PM, May 29th 2019.

In a world full of hypocrisy,
there was just one you and one me,
two-faced narcissists all around us,
overdosed hippies, druggies, alcoholics and trash...

Fearless leaders and brave heroes too,
yet just one me and just one you,
two birds that flew in the same trees,
tweeted the same tunes and drank from the same tea...

Two cutie pies so happy and in love,
you were the protective eagle, I was your little dove,
you were the wing to my broken arms,
I was the air that you breathed inside...

Two souls that meshed together into just one,
two babies who grew together and created a home,
our house, our home, our abode,
our loving place, our living room, our bed...

The bed we made love at hundreds of times,
the cracks and noises it made as we laughed,
the place we created so many beautiful memories at, together,
the past and its beauty that didn't turn into forever...

The kitchen where I created dishes and made up recipes,
as you waited for me while you drank a cup of coffee,
and every now and then you would say "Mmm, it smells good!"
you would smile at me directly and stare with me kindly - so sweet!

The bedroom we first shared just the two of us
and then a baby came along and we had to compromise,
a baby that filled our hearts with much more love and compassion,
a sweet little girl we both admired and adored like no other!

The little apartment we called home for a few years,
the place I felt comfortable coming home to, no matter how tireless,
the neat little place I decorated modestly,
the frames and art I hang up in the walls sparingly!

All the memories we made and the pictures we took,
all the laughters and the tears, all the fights that broke,
all the flowers you once gave me and the little gifts,
I remember them all just like I remember us...

A you and a me, two twenty-somethings,
we were young, we were fools in love,
we fell hard for each other, I know I did,
I loved you in the deepest depth of my soul...
honestly, truly, endlessly, so sacred!

I Hope you liked it!! What do you think?!

On a different topic altogether, I don't have time for a new Thursday Moda post. I was on the phone with Best Buy for close to 2 hours tonight, because our refrigerator is broken. Awful timing since it is practically Summer. It took away precious time from me editing and writing my post for tomorrow. I will however post a new outfit and Thursday Moda tomorrow night, where I will add my favorite outfits from last week's linkup, too. Meanwhile I leave you with this post and the linkup below, join in and have fun! Happy Weekend!!

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Shades of Blue.

 These photos are old, the outfit is old as is the camera that took these pics - bad quality photos sorry. Still a cute outfit that deserves being shared, no?! Have you ever watched that Jennifer Lopez Primetime TV Show "Shades of Blue". She had the main role, plus executive-produced it. I heard great things about it though I never saw it. But I heard it got the ax after three seasons. Anyhow, this is how I titled this outfit post today because I have on several...

From my Easy-Breezy Blue, Grey and Burgundy V-Neck, Knee-Length Sleeveless Aztec Dress to the accessories I chose to pair it with, there is a lot of blue in this outfit. I love the chevron pattern within the aztec pattern of this dress. Unique! I belted it with a Cobalt Blue Bow Belt that matched the Blue Bow Hair Clip and a Cobalt+Turquoise Statement Necklace. I am carrying a Beautiful Blue+Dark Red Ostrich Crossbody Bag. And, I also paired it with Enamel Ivory and Coral Enamel Bangles and an Enamel Minty Cocktail Ring + Enamel Peach Cocktail Ring. Kept things shiny around here and wore little Maroon Wedge Lucite Sandals with roses in the front. What do you think?! What breeze dresses are you wearing this Summer?!

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Stars and Flags for Memorial Day.

Happy Memorial Day 2019! I hope your memorial day was filled with lots of sunshine, time by a lake or an ocean, yummy summer cocktails, barbecues and lots of festive red+white+blue. I got on this Stars and Flags Outfit today. Vivian and I even wore matching bows/hair pieces from Forever 21. This is the time for flowers to bloom, stripes to be worn more than ever, kids to wrap up their school year, parents to make plans for the summer and vacations, outdoor activities, soaking our feet in water and sand and relaxing a little bit. It is the unofficial kick-off to Summer but let's remember the real reason for today - those men and women that gave their lives so that we can have OUR Freedom! Let's remember all those who passed so that this country can be safe!!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday Moda #168: Three Generations and Lots of Bows.

May has been cool around here. Lots of rain, winds and windchills. Honestly the most decent and warmest weekend we had was indeed the weekend of my Birthday. The sun was out, it didn't rain one bit and on Sunday - Cinco de Mayo - when today's photos were taken, was even warm enough for short sleeves and bare legs. The temperatures were in the low 70s. I spent part of my birthday weekend - Sunday May 5th - with the two most important ladies in my life, featured in this post: my mother and my daughter. We went shopping at TJ Maxx and Maurice's and had frozen yogurt afterwards. Later, with my dad in tow we had a Birthday Dinner at Apple Bee's. And after that Vivian even rode her bike for a while. It was the perfect warm Spring Sunday! =)

You see my sweet, darling, sassy and very stylish little mini model Vivian often on my blog, but my mom doesn't make appearances often. She is far too shy and she dislikes photos and social media in general. But the weather was too pretty plus it was my birthday so she agreed to a few photos lol. My mom helps me with my daughter a lot. She picks her up at least 2 times a week from the bus station and she watches her for a couple of hours usually, every day after I get off from work. Vivian too loves her grandma very much and my daughter and I are both so lucky to have my mom because she is so loving, amazing and beautiful inside out, truly a great mother figure! I must say though my mom likes shopping and she loves shopping with me. She also has great style. I adore her ruched neck leopard top with that pretty black pendant necklace I have gifted her (from White House Black Market) and she kept the look simple and monochromatic with dressy black pants and black leather flats. Speaking of shopping, that Sunday we did a lot of shopping at TJ Maxx. We got gifts (for my dad, for both my uncle and aunt for their birthdays, upcoming baby showers), as well as some candy, a couple of things for home and I got a few sets of velvet hangers as I am slowly but surely switching entirely to velvet hangers for all of my closets. Since it was my birthday, my mom also gifted me this beautiful black leather crossbody designer bag, too (the one I am wearing in today's outfit photos). I have been a lot into tiny bags lately that hold the necessities. This one is classy, stylish, very modern and honestly goes with everything! It is very compact and I can see it being very versatile for every season, especially during warm weather. 

It is neither a mystery not a shocker that Viv is very much a girly girl who loves tulle, tutus, dresses, accessories - especially hair accessories - and bows. She also loves JoJo Siwa who wears and makes her own bows. Her beautiful Unicorn Tulle-Skirted Dress features a cut-out in the back with a baby pink tulle bow. She is also wearing a Rainbow Cupcake JoJo Bow off the side in a ponytail, exactly like JoJo styles her hair. She paired her dress and bow hair piece with Shimmery Pastel Coral Cat+Jack (from Target) Sneakers that also feature bows (Vivian calls these her "JoJo Siwa Shoes") and her little lace-trimmed light pink socks peaking above go perfectly with her girly look and all the frills and tulle. I too am wearing not one, not two, but three bows. I am wearing a Beautiful Cherry-Print Pussy-Bow Blouse which I paired with a Button-Front Denim Skirt in the perfect medium blue wash (both pieces are by Loft) and of course I paired these pieces which those Adorable Mustard Bow Suede Ballet Flats which you can't miss. These beautiful real suede bow flats are from JC Penney (new) and they did hurt a little on the back as I am still breaking them in. They were the perfect color to my monochromatic look. I also love how all three of us have done our own version of a monochrome look - my mom and I in either black or white pieces, while Vivian is in grey with baby pink. Yet my mom and I are wearing prints on top and of course Vivian has that sequined graphic tee as part of her dress. Oh and not pictured is a Silver Metallic Bow Elastic which I wore as a bracelet but I use it to tie my hair too. It all looked so cute with my Grey Tortoise Geometric Hoops by Papaya, too. And a huge shout-out goes to my hair and makeup because they were the MVPs to this outfit! How was your Cinco de Mayo?! Did you drink some tequila?! I actually had a couple of margaritas. What do you think of our Spring Outfits today?! Do you like the bows?! How would you style a Pussy-Bow Blouse casually for Spring?! I think a Pussy-Bow Top looks adorable with a Denim Skirt and since Memorial Day is this weekend this outfit would make a fantastic Memorial Day Look. To make it more patriotic, you can swap the mustard flats for red ones - I have some red flats and most fashionistas do, too.

Shop my Mom's and Vivian's Outfits, below:

Thank you for liking my Coffee+Cream Outfit last week. The linkup was a little lighter than usual, but still full of style. I noticed several (one is featured below) light pink blazers and a lot, a lot of outfits featuring yellow, which I am not surprised at all since yellow and all of its cousins are huge colors for 2019. Since Spring is in full bloom, I noticed gorgeous florals and maxi dresses too. Also, am I noticing a trend with blue+white flower prints! Both of these blue floral dresses have been paired with a light-wash blue denim jacket, too. I have always liked the combination of blue and white (the sea and the sky) for late Spring and Summer. Ultimately, I had a hard time - as per usual - to narrow it down to 7 favorite looks!

This 'Faux Wrap Dress' is so chic and flattering on Amy, keeping it light and pastel with her millennial pink clutch and ivory-nude sandals.
'Easy Summer Sandals' have to be stylish, comfortable and neutral, not complicated. Julie's Dress isn't complicated either, but it is so-fashionable! Love the button-front style and the summery nautical navy color.
I am a sucker for 'Mommy and Me Outfits' especially if the mini is a little girl. Kileen and her beautiful toddler girl rocked these very pretty and classic black polka dot dresses. I need this set of dresses for Viv and I.
In a 'Blue and White Floral Dress' Ashley looks her tall, elegant and stylish self. The halter neckline is so flattering and slimming.
Mica styled 'Maxi Dresses and Kimonos with Ankle Boots' which is proper for Spring but even Autumn - the season she is at now, since she is an Aussie. I always love bright colors on Mica with her porcelain skin.
Darlene linked two posts featuring this 'Pink Blazer' which is part of a pink suit. You need to check her post for 4 different ways to style it. But I love the head to toe monochrome look with matchy pink pumps and a simple ivory cami.
My friend Lorena felt like a 'Girl Scout' in this yellow-on-yellow pairing of a cardigan with a long-tied silky scarf. She wore them both with a classic, dark, A-line skirt.

Shop my Outfit, below:

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