Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Currently, May 2019.

Yeay, it's May!! My Birthday month. Taurus season. The month of Emerald stones, cherry blossoms, lots of sunshine, warmed-up weather, brave women and strong moms - some of us do the mom thing every day, all on our own. Give yourself a High-Five, smile at your image in the mirror, be brave, stay kind and do great things this May. You got this!! And now let's join ANNE of Anne in Residence for her monthly "Currently" themed linkup. Happy May 2019 you all!! 

admiring: The Rain we have been having. Yes, it can make one dreary, unhappy and in a bad mood, but we all appreciate a pretty rainbow, as well as the grass getting prettier and greener and the flowers blooming - soon. I particularly cannot wait for tulips to bloom and find a field of tulips close by us to go to, spend a few hours at and take in all of its beauty and take lots of pictures, of course. As much as I hate how dirty my car stays (on the outside) especially living on a dirt street and all, in general I am a rain lover, it is the poet and the romantic in me. Plus, just because it rains it doesn't mean we have to be negative about it. I rather admire it! And later I will admire all the tulips!!

playing: Music on Spotify and on Alexa. Hands down my favorite two ways to listen to music while I am home, especially as I am cleaning, blogging, doing work at home, etc. Plus Spotify has a lot of my favorite Albanian artists too. While Alexa can play my favorite radio stations, as well. 

borrowing: Cute Bows and Headbands from Vivian that I can wear, too (that are not just for little girls). I have always been a lover of hair accessories and now that Spring is here I plan on wearing more bows, hair barrettes and headbands - my favorite. 

remembering: How Nice it is to have blogger friends and how so many of them will join me on your birthday celebrations on the blog. My birthday is this weekend - May 4th to be exact - and a bunch of my closest blogging friends are joining me for my annual Blog Birthday Party. It will be a lot of fun and as always everyone will look so stylish! Stay tuned for those two special celebration posts on Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th, including my Sunday Showcase Linkup. 

finishing: This Blog Post currently and working on the newest Thursday Moda linkup, to be posted next. Also, looking forward to finishing an early work week as I am off all weekend Friday through Sunday -- and that is rare! I asked for the entire weekend off this week (Friday of course as well as Saturday - since I work most Saturdays) for my birthday and my boss approved it! Yeay for birthday weekends and understanding bosses!

Normally, this is the part where I look at previous outfits worn and blogged around this time of the year, on previous years. Today I am flashing back to a head-to-toe Red Outfit that I wore in late April last year (2018) but I only was able to get one single photo of it. It is quite a chic, fun and sexy outfit though so I decided to blog it today, a year later. =) Plus it is perfect to showcase this on the blog today, since this year I asked my blogging friends to blog something in coral, pink or red - my favorite color - for my special blog birthday party. So cheers to red - the boldest, finest, brightest, sexiest, prettiest color of them all!!
In this outfit (originally I had a sleek black blazer over it, too) I faked a Little Red Dress by tucking a Silky Red Camisole (by Express) inside a Ribbed Red Satin Pencil Skirt (by Arden B.). The reds are not quite identical but they are not very far off too. Since I originally had a blazer on which was black (perfect match with the black pumps), this is the kind of outfit that can go from the office to date night, for a dinner with your significant other. Am I right?! As far as accessories, I have my Black Suede Pumps with Tortoise Block Heels on and I added a pop of Turquoise with some Turquoise Statement Earrings that are very hard to see here, but I linked very similar ones, below.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

ERIEn't You Beautiful, Michigan?! (A Quick History of Michigan.)

I first moved to Michigan with my parents and brother, as a teenager, back in June of 1997. Here we are 22 years later and I am still lucky and happy to call Michigan - my home. Michigan is otherwise known as the Great Lakes State. And due to Detroit being the Motor City, Michigan is also known as the state of cars and the auto industry. Indeed Michigan is quite unique among the states in that it is divided into two distinct geographic sections, the Upper peninsula, and the Lower peninsula. Lake Michigan lies between both of these two peninsulas. The Upper peninsula is very sparsely populated, more than 90% of the peninsula being forested. The Lower peninsula contains the cities, the city life, the industry, the typical American suburban neighborhoods, the huge majority of the jobs and the agriculture. The Upper and Lower Peninsulas were connected in 1957 with the construction of Big Mac, otherwise known as the Mackinac Bridge. With 3,177 miles of Great Lakes shoreline it is easy to see why Michigan is known as the Lakes State. In fact, half of Michigan is comprised of water and, except for Alaska, Michigan has more shoreline than any other state, fronting four of the Great Lakes: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. Today's photos are taken in front of Lake Erie...

ERIEn't  You  Beautiful,  Michigan?!
Here I am in front of Lake Erie in Ypsilanti, on a beautiful, typical Spring day for Michigan, full of sunshine yet not too warm, as it was in the 50s. The sun is almost setting but not quite there and I love the effect of the sun over the water of Lake Erie and through the branches of the tree. These photos turned out beautiful, even-though the majority of them were snapped with a cell-phone (who is over two years old LOL). And I am wearing this classic, goes-with-everything Little Black Dress in an A-Line Style in a soft Ponte material. The length, the material and the long sleeves honestly make it perfect for all seasons, including Summer. This Loft Dress comes with a little sash belt and I love the white piping through the neckline, sleeves and belt. Loft calls it their Topstitched Dress. I paired it with a Champagne-Colored Crystal Necklace (from Target, years ago). But those are not plain black tights, they are semi-opaque Midnight Blue Tights with a Flower Motif pattern going down the legs. My Fuchsia Lipstick and Bright Orange Saddle Bag added the right pops of color to this otherwise simple, monochromatic look. Do any of you live in Michigan or have you visited our beautiful state?! Have you ever seen Lake Erie?! Would you like to see more posts about Michigan and the lakes?! Let me know in the comments. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Thursday Moda #164: Mother and Daughter Easter Looks.

Hey there Spring, you are looking good! I just need to wear more skirts, dresses, rompers and jumpsuits and shoot them. Easier said than done, let me tell you. Meanwhile, since last Sunday was Easter, I decided to share the Mommy and Me Easter Looks dated back two years ago, from April 16th 2017 to be exact. You might have seen a snippet or two of these outfits when they were actually worn, when I posted them on Instagram. But IRL I just edited these photos so these outfits are brand-new to the blog. My sweet and very little (she was only 4 at the time) Vivian and I are wearing Gorgeous Peplum-Hem Dresses by the Victoria Beckham line that was sold at Target two springs ago. Let's take a better look at these...

First of all how adorable is my sweet little Vivian in this gorgeous Colorblocked Yellow and Aqua Dress?! Can I have it in my size?! Such a beautiful statement-making Summer dress. Lucky for my petite sweetie, this dress fits Vivian still so I will make sure she wears it at least 3 times over this Summer. Paired with White Tights and her Mint+White Polka Dot Bunny Bag and her Polka Dot Yellow Bow Barrette on her hair, this little dressy outfit is perfect for a little girl for Easter. It was only in the 60s so it needed a cardigan as a layer. Matching mommy in the peplum hemline of the dress and with her own Leopard Cardigan, we decided to wear these almost identical leopard cardis. Vivian's is from Wal Mart and I need to replace it. She has had it since she was 2.5 years old. Mine is close to a decade old and it is from White House Black Market. While a little black dress might not had been anyone's first choice to wear for Easter, this one is springy cause it has that infamous calla lillies print that Victoria Beckham had in her collection from Target in a few of her pieces. Plus I added pops of color via the Orange Saddle Bag and matching Orange Sunglasses. I also dressed up this look with lots of jewelry: many rings and two stretchy crystal bracelets - some of these pieces have colorful stones. But if you notice my Silver Spiky Statement Necklace matches the Spiky 360 Stud Earrings. I like that Vivian and I were sort of matching (with our Black Ballet Flats and our Leopard Cardigans) yet had our own individual looks. What do you think of these Mother and Daughter Easter Looks?! Our actual Easter Dresses/Outfits that we wore this past Sunday will be blogged, soon. The weather was similar, quite warm and sunny in the 60s. Stay tuned. =))

Thank you to all of you who stopped by last week not only to link up your outfits but also for your honest thoughts on my plaid pants I asked you about which, honestly - I hate. You all had valid reasons why I should keep them or toss them and I like you all's comments saying that at the end of the day if a person feels awful in an item no matter what someone else says, they should do what their gut tells them to. Life is too short to wear ugly clothes! Speaking of clothes, you linked a lot of outfits that were Eastern-inspired and definitely not ugly. Look at those unique denim jackets/blazers and the very unique way they were styled! I also see beach vibes and pretty straw bags. Below are my favorites.

Kathrine has many reasons to be a personal shopper. Her 'Easter Sunday Dress' is in a vibrant fuchsia, with a hi-lo hem and she spiced it up with emerald heels and that fun woven straw bag. 
Jessica is a minimalist full of style. That 'Oversized Denim Jacket and Wide Leg Crop Pants' were a perfect combo. Love this outfit paired with camel accents.
In a 'Sleeveless Cropped Jumpsuit', Darlene chose to wear Millennial Pink -which remains the color of the decade - and paired it with a circle straw bag.
Jodie gave tips on 'Styling Sneaker Outfits with a Dress'. Her outfit is an everyday casual Summer uniform for me. Her rainbow dress goes with everything but I loved that she went for crisp white sneaks!
Show those curves and legs, Kate. Rocking her olive crochet-trimmed swimsuit, this fashionista mama did her 'Monday Coffee Catch Up'. Nice read!
Last but most definitely my most favorite look of the entire week belonged to Nora. Hers was 'A Pretty Easter Sunday Look' - the prettiest. The floral print and colors of her midi dress are magnifique and I love it with the bat-sleeve coral cardigan.

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