Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday Moda #155: Love, Work and School.

I cannot believe it has been 155 weeks of Thursday Moda guys. As a matter of fact, the very first outfit I wore, I also had on a short skirt and the background behind me was white and snowy, just like in today's post. You all know I love my short skirts and my minis. After all, my legs are not so awful-looking, no?! But back to the Thursday Moda Linkup -- I cannot believe 3 years have gone by and in all honesty I have no idea how fast all this time has flied and how MUCH my life has changed in the last 3 years, especially on a personal level. Now that is is almost the end of February, I cannot help but think how fast 2019 is flying by, already. During the same time I introduced Thursday Moda three years ago, I also presented you guys with a brand-new look of my blog. Truth is I am ready for a new update and upgrade so if you have recommendations about a blog designer you love, send them my way. =) Thank you in advance.

Vivian and I are back together today and I must say we look mighty stylish. Now, how do our outfits connect to love, work and school, you say?! Well, I wore this outfit to work yesterday and since Vivian was off from school due to her Mid-Winter Break, I took her with me to work. She was an angel as usual. She has such a fun time doing her thing: drawing, painting, writing, practicing her numbers and letters, reading, playing, etc. All my co-workers love her and treat her like the princess she is. They smile because of her and her beautiful personality and they especially love her seeing dressed up, just like mama. Coincidentally enough Vivian and I wore these exact outfits a few days before Valentine's Day when I volunteered (worked) at her school, one day. Vivian and her friends were learning about love, friendship, family, siblings, friends, sharing+caring and Valentine's day the day I volunteered, and for that day all the kids were suggested to wear something red. Since I had a red dress planned for Vivian to wear on the actual Valentine's day, I decided for this Gorgeous Mustard Dress paired with some pink and red. Those Gorgeous Velvet Pom Pom Mary Janes of Vivian's matched the red heart knees of her Pink Knit Tights perfectly. The beautiful dress also had a velvet navy bow collar which made Viv's outfit further romantic and so cute for Valentine's festivities. Vivian's entire outfit comes from Target, by the way. I too had a hint of Valentine's day with all the white I am wearing (skirt and booties). Vivian loved our outfits so much that she wanted us to wear them again, especially since the first time around - when I volunteered at her school, we had no time at all early in the morning (as we scrap for time and lost minutes) to snap any photos at all. I did take some pictures of her in her class though, by herself, with her teacher, with her friends. So, since we had plenty of time to get dressed the other day for my job and Vivian wanted to look extra pretty, we decided to re-wear our Beautiful Mommy and Daughter Stylish Outfits that we both happened to love! And this time around we didn't miss taking some photos, too. =)

My outfit is not as colorful or as fun as Vivian's but it is put-together, chic, casual yet dressy with pretty neutral colors: white, taupe and black. These colors paired so well together. And I must say also that my Tweedy White+Black Wrap Mini Skirt paired so well with this mushroom/taupe sweater though it is a Wrap-Style Cardigan too. Also my taupe sunnies matched the sweater perfectly. My skirt, cardigan sweater and sunglasses are all by Loft. I decided to do a slight mixing of textures and patterns with my Diamond-Patterned Black Tights (by The Limited) and my Shimmery Faux Suede White Boots (from Target) and it all was pulled together with pretty makeup highlighted by a Pretty Pink Lipstick and Millennial Pink Crispin Drop Earrings by Sugarfix via BaubleBar (from Target). I think white is such a pretty color to wear at Wintertime. Difficult to wear during the Winter sometime, but not impossible. For one it can get dirty easily. Secondly, Winter is best for dark colors and dark neutrals. But let's face it: white represents Winter and white is also the color of the snow. I am also wearing white today in remembrance of all the innocent lives (students, teachers and more) that have been lost in school shootings. Some very stylish ladies and teachers of Instagram have different prompts this week for teachers and anyone really and you can find what everyone is wearing and sharing on Instagram under the hashtag #spiritweek4teachersofinstagram . I decided to do a couple of these prompts for so many reasons. First of all I love fashion. I love putting together cute outfits each day. I also love fashion challenges. And I am a mom who has a child in school. I have the school spirit because I am a mom. Plus, I too taught for several years (English and ESL) during my time in Albania, and I was a tutor at a school district nearby for several years on and off, here in Michigan. But, if you pay close attention to my outfit, I also wore a Sea Pearl Pave White Cocktail Ring so between my mini skirt, my boots and my ring I have on 3 'pieces of white'. I am also glad that our lovely Winter Wonderland type of weather was the perfect backdrop for this mostly-white outfit. What do you think?! Do you wear short skirts for Winter?! If so, how do you style them?! Are you wearing white this Winter?! I'd love to know what you think. =)

Last week the linkup was light and I think that is a lot due to the new InLinkz that no one seems to like. =( But despite the linkup being light in links, you all showed your very festive Valentine's Style, therefore there was a lot of red and pink, especially red, that was worn. And man how much I love red. Heck, every outfit I am featuring below has a splash, a dose, or a huge pop of red in it. There were also lots of heart-themed tops and sweaters not just the two heart pieces you see below. Also, the ladies nailed it with their stunning footwear. Can I have a pair of each of the shoes below, please?!

I adore Di's work style. She wished her readers 'Happy Valentine's Week' in her latest post of three lovely outfits including this darling red pleated midi skirt and tucked-in red heart sweater. LOVE!
I loved Elise's outfit which reminded me of my own burgundy velvet booties and polka dot black pants I shared a couple of weeks, ago. Her own version of 'Polka Dots' can go from the office to date night, just like that!
Elizabeth looked posh in her 'Valentine Date Night' look. I love a good wrap blouse and hers is in a leopard red, what?!
Carmen shared about her 'Birthday Adventure' in an island, a post complete with beautiful photos, some snow, thrift shopping and her gorgeous red+pink heart sweater.
Kathrine's 'Valentine's Day Striped Top' had an unique ruffled mock neck and matchy sleeves. So romantic and darling. Plus I happen to love pairing red with cognac and pink with white.
But my favorite look of the entire week belonged to the always-stylish Debbie. She created a monochromatic, red-hot outfit around her 'Red Sweater'. In love with her grand coat, those stunning velvet booties and slinky lace skirt. Gorgeous Babe!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

To Hope and to Live - Written by Me.

All of you that slightly know me or read my blog, know by now that I love to write. I started writing in my native language (Albanian) since I was 9 or 10. My favorite class has always been creative writing. But I also liked business writing, analytical writing, etc. - I studied business in school after all. But as soon as I started learning English in my early teens - before I moved to United States - I started writing my first essays, short stories and poetry and I haven't stopped since. In case you were wondering, I have probably written over 400 poems in English ever since, plus essays, short stories, a couple of long stories and more. As I was looking through old files in my computer I found this little gem that I wrote almost a decade ago. It was a week before I turned 30 actually, on April 28th 2010 to be exact. Funny thing is re-reading this, I must say that I concur with every single thing I wrote then - now, though my life has changed so much in the last decade, mostly for the better. But I have had some sad chapters and some challenges, too. Read on below and tell me what you think. I think everyone can relate to this.

"To Hope and To Live" - A Little Reflection on My Life. 

As if the day strings each minute by a thread, as if the night sprinkles each star by a galaxy, as if a motion causes a thrill, a joyful ride, as if a sentiment is written down on a piece of paper. So many sentiments, emotions, built-up pain, joy and feelings written and unwritten, spoken and unspoken, one by one. Just like that, each second forms a minute, a minute that sometimes can feel as long as a century. A minute that can change your life. Think about how many babies are born in that single minute. How many women suffered through the last second of that minute, through their labor. How many people's hearts stopped beating. How many accidents can happen in just one minute. How your entire life can change, ENTIRELY! In one single, tiny, fast, quick minute... Upside down. All around. For better or for worse. Life can change. And just like that, minute by minute an hour transpires and twenty four of them together create a day filled with daylight and darkness, happiness and sadness, excitement and boredom, warmed up by the sun and lit up by the moon.

…Right there among the pains, the tears, the laughter and the smiles, the soft-spoken voice and the giggles, between the blue of the sky and the red of the blood, like a maze of seasons filled with anger and mayhem, a drop of milk as ivory, as clean, as porcelain-like as a newborn, a flicker of light so soft, sweet and sensual, inside a moment filled with passion and dolor, a tiny but bright little hope comes by and sparkles through. It is piercing like a diamond in the darkest of the nights. It feels like a Roman warrior, a war pioneer or an unfallen hero. Such hope brings the smallest smile to a frowned face and turns it upside down. Just for a split second, it warms up the heart and calms down the soul, as if it were a candy store filled with sugary-pink sweets and rainbow lollipops. As if it were a poem inspired by love only, or a song that brings back memories of nights filled with lust, insane lovemaking and screaming climax of two naked bodies that feel like one. Just for a split second even the saddest soul can cry tears of happiness, For a split second, you can feel like a portrait of art that awakens even the loneliest of the souls.

As life goes on with its adventures and whatnot, as things transpire on a day-to-day basis, movies are made, action heroes are created, successes and failures become passengers of the same bus, and nothing feels right anymore, that tiny hope helps to see the glass half full as opposed to half empty. And just when you thought that things couldn't get worse, something magnificent appears out of the blue. Whether you fall in love, become a parent, find a best friend, or you simply find where you belong, there is someone out there for you to keep you warm in the cold nights, to shelter you from the wind, the rain and the snow, to protect you from the backstabbers and the frenemies. Whether you wish upon a star or just pray to God for a miracle, a candle of hope brings light to many a church, it brings light to your heart. Whether your migraines are chronic or acute, whether it is the first or the last time you truly cried from the inside, there is a kindred spirit that brings you home where you feel the safest. You find your home and that is when you find your freedom, your heart, your happiness, your belonging. All of a sudden, a tiny little smile tweaks the corners of your lips and you wipe away that warm and large, salty tear. You cover yourself with a blanket and start thinking about happy tomorrows leaving sorry yesterdays where they belong - in the past. Nothing can break you in that very moment, you have lived many years of your life with excitement and with some fear but that shape of hope promises better years to come, you just have to believe that and always follow your heart step by step, do everything wholeheartedly and give it your all!

Every loss you have suffered and every misgiving you have experienced will disappear this one time. Other losses, mistakes, disappointments and sufferings will follow but don't focus on them as you will rise above them because as a human being you are The Phoenix! Hope will touch into piano pentagrams and turn every beat of misfortune into a triumphant melody! What a beautiful, beguiling, bright, bold hope, so little yet so humongous, so full of ever-green gratitude, that very same hope that keeps us kicking our heels, makes us walk, run, jump and never stay still, the very same hope of which the heart sings for… so many flickers and stars, a playground of galaxies, so much joy…, such is life!! Life is Joy! Find Joy within you and you will Live not just Exist! 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Millennial Liberty.

Hi you all!! How is Winter where you live?! Do you fluctuate between -15 to 50 degree weather?! Welcome to Michigan where one week we have the polar vortex and you cannot even feel your lips and nose and the next it feels like Spring has sprung and you want to drink iced coffee. That is why I haven't blogged a lot because of our mostly-terrible and super cold weather. Who wants to shot outfits when is 20 degrees or less?! This outfit is from January. I wore it to a short day to work and after for lunch and playtime with Vivian. The day and weather was so nice that we even got her bike out and she rode it for a while.

I am titling this post "Millennial Liberty" because it refers to my outfit. I am wearing a very pretty Soft Millennial Pink Sweater from Banana Republic paired with a Matchy Sporty Millennial Pink Striped Belt from J. Crew. On the bottom I have a skirt from Gap (from a couple of years ago) that reminds me the famous Liberty Print you could often find at J. Crew. The print of this Adorable Black Skater Skirt is like an artsy floral graphic print. I see splashes of yellow, orange, fuchsia, lime green, aqua, red, rust, turquoise and more. They look like strokes of a brush and since the background of this skirt is black, you could pair this skirt with just about anything, on top. I decided on this lovely soft Merino Wool Sweater by Banana Republic that has "All that Glitters" embroidered in sparkly silver thread on the chest area (currently on huge sale) Banana also has other similar pink sweaters, like this J'Adore one (want) and this silk-cotton blend Ciao Ciao sweater. I paired my sweater with a Pearl and Black Crystal Statement Necklace I have had for years from White House Black Market. I also have on little Aqua Pave Studs (from Wal Mart). And yes my legs may be exposed but it is still Winter in the Midwest so I am actually wearing Nude Tights (a trick I do often during chilly weather). I also love how these Perforated Braided Blush Nude Booties by Target look with the short skater skirt. Can you say leggy?! So what do you think of today's look?!

Vivian wore a little Rock N' Roll Black Monochromatic Look, featuring her Faux Leather Leggings and Black Metallic Sweater. But she kept things girly with her Silver Stride Ride Mary Jane Sneakers, Light Blue Unicorn JoJo Bow and her Stunning Hot Pink/Fuchsia Trench Coat (my mother got her a couple of months ago; it is "London Fog"). She looked adorable! She always does!! ;-)

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