Friday, December 14, 2018

Poetry - Consider a Smile When You Are Down!

I haven't posted a poem here in about a month. Truth be told I haven't even written one in a while. But I did just write one and it has a very positive message, which is perfect now since we are in the holiday season. I think everyone should feel positive - or try to at least feel positive - always, but even more so now during the holidays. No matter what is going on in your lives, remember that there are always reasons to smile and be thankful for. And remember, someone always has it worse than you, always!

Consider  a  Smile  When  You  Are  Down!
[December 2018].

As sand through the hourglass,
each second, each minute we pass,
each hour that turns into twenty four,
each night that brings a new dawn,
when time goes far and away
and your kids grow as you blink an eye,
consider to smile each and every day
because life is short and it only gets shorter...

Consider a smile when you are down
and the world seems to face you with a big frown,
consider a thank you and be kind
to everyone that lands you a hand,
from the dark coffee you drink every morning,
take a second to feel grateful for each blessing,
look at the lights of the season and be merry,
atop the sundae of your life - be the cherry!

I know it is easier than it sounds
and life is filled with challenges, ups and downs,
but there is so much to be thankful for,
the gleaming eyes of your children you so much love,
the things they teach you every day,
the raw, funny and genuine things they say,
the hugs they give you and the kisses they blow,
the little hands that caress you with love!

Consider a smile when you are down
and the scary world is all around,
murderers, kidnappers, rapists, child molesters,
school bombings, crazy politics, drugs and incest,
there is so much pain and mayhem among us
but there are also angels that protect us,
little big heroes with kind hearts,
innocent children that love us!

There is a sun and a sky that greets us each day,
as we drive through the streets on our way,
each morning we drive to work and the sun touches the windshield,
let the bad phase away and just heal each wound,
life is beautiful nevertheless,
you will fall down again but you will rise and rise!!

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