Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Thursday Moda #145: The Perfect Christmas Plaid Scarf.

I cannot believe that since last week's Thursday Moda until today I haven't been able to post a new outfit. I really, truly hope I can post at least 12 more outfits this month because I have so many outfits that need to be blogged and so many Holiday Style ideas for both dressy and semi-casual holiday looks. Like today, the unexpected combination of red with soft pink or millennial pink. Pink+Red might not seem like the 'typical' duo of colors to wear this time of year, for Christmas, but it can be so pretty, special and festive. Plus it is very feminine and automatically makes it more dressy!

Isn't this two-ply, super soft blanket scarf The Perfect Christmas Plaid Scarf. It is red, it is plaid - makes it so festive automatically. But I also love the classic black+white plaid print inside with touches of blush pink which I brought out today with my Millennial Pink Jeans and Mauve Perforated Booties. Well the perfect Christmas plaid scarf was purchased a few years ago when I was still living in Albania. In my 4.5 years there I got so many cute scarves. I love a good Plaid Blanket Scarf and besides the ones I have from Albania the following stores have great scarves (and not just blanket scarves or plaid scarves) each year: Old Navy, Target, Nordstrom and Loft. That is where the rest of my scarves come from with a few exceptions. I love pattern-mixing plaid with stripes especially when both patterns are in the same color and I love it that this time around they are in festive red. Makes this outfit a little nautical too. My skinnies and sweater are by Loft as are my gorgeous, perfectly-festive Square Pave Crystal Drop Earrings. The Mauve Suede Perforated Booties are from Nordstrom - I love them and wear them all the time. And those Notice-Me Mauve Red Sunglasses are by Ann Taylor. I could have done a red lip but I did a nude lip, instead. What do you think of this pattern-mixed outfit?! Yay or nay to wear red and pink for the holidays?! Do you own a "Perfect Christmas Plaid or Tartan Scarf?!

Last week I co-hosted with a Grace and this week I am featuring a Grace. But she is not the only one. There are several ladies sharing their beautiful individual style with some Holiday flair. A couple of the posts are a little bit different as they aren't entirely fashion-related. Both of these posts spread extra smiles and extra cheer as they feature a couple of special occasions like a baby shower and what wine to serve during a Holiday dinner.

Today's Featured Blogger is GRACE from Gracefully Styled who doesn't always link up with me but I seriously love her style and her neutrals. It is all very put together, easy to wear, stylish, comfortable, semi-dressy and pretty. This woman wears a lot of neutral colors and proves to color-lovers like me that you can never go wrong with earthy colors. As a matter of fact both of her outfits are in black and beige, yet both are A+. Her first Pinterest-Inspired outfit turned out so great. Love that amazing fur-trim coatigan and her over-the-knee boots. Super stylish for such a snowy and cold Winter. Secondly, she showed us how to style a Faux Leather Jacket with Jeans which may seem like an easy outfit formula but add on a statement-making leopard scarf and a two-tone black+tan clutch and she has a winner. So simple yet so chic! I also love that adorable purse she has carried in both outfits, as a crossbody and as a clutch. This lady lives in a very cold part of US as I can see from her Winter Wonderland photos but she is never short on style. You should navigate her blog for more easy everyday sophisticated looks, perfect for a working woman and a mom!

'How to Be Content' is something we grow to learn and are constantly learning, as Joling will tell you in her post. Her sporty outfit with very urban and uptown vibes is so darn chic. I would wear it this very moment!
Shelbee has a lot of 'Thoughts About Plaid' and from what I can tell she loves them and as usual I am loving her boots - she seriously has the best collection. But her mixed houndstooth dress with the fun gathered bell sleeves is unique!
'Red Pants!!' are a closet must-have in my opinion. Lately, I have seen so many fashionistas wear them. Take Lindsay for example, looking chic and Americana in her striped top and blue denim jacket.
'Light + Bright' is both Johanna's silver 2-piece Ensemble - which is stunning by the way - as well as the Pinot Grigio she is so elegantly pouring.
Beautiful mama-to-be Shannon is 'Showering Baby J' looking ethereal, princessy and boho in her white maxi and natural hairdo. The entire outfit matches the rustic vibes of her baby shower.
'Animal Prints Forever' - yep Di, I agree. I can never say no to a leopard print, especially how perfect those spots are in that classic sleeveless sheath of hers. Great shoes and clutch!