Saturday, October 27, 2018

Skinny Jeans and Sundays with Vivian.

Happy Weekend Everyone! I have mentioned before that I spend Sundays with Vivian, except tomorrow - I am staying home with her. I am cooking us breakfast instead of doing brunch like we usually do. I will have her practice her writing and numbers, do a little bit of homework, I will pick up the house a little and color my roots lol. Mom stuff! But back to Sundays - I love spending them with my daughter. I work long hours most Saturdays so Sunday is truly the only day OFF I fully have for me and for us to spend time together as mother+daughter. And I think it is so important to do so. Well, in today's post I am sharing outfits from 2 days I have spent with my daughter. The first one was in early Fall when the weather was still warm and the pics were taken by the beautiful waterfall downtown Milford. My mom joined us that day too. The three of us did a lot of walking in the beautiful downtown and had a coffee+treats date. While the second set of photos is from last Sunday when it was chilly AF. My new Abercrombie Pullover was perfect to take out and wear it for the first time after I purchased it. I love how those photos turned out in front of our house. Vivian took ALL the photos of me, except the closeup selfies. She did a fine job!

Vivian loves my mom, her "nena" which means grandma in Albanian. ;-)
How cute+sporty yet still a little girly is Vivian's outfit?! She wore Navy Leggings with White Polka Dots (by Carter's) with her Paw Patrol Leather Sneakers, a Fun Aqua Graphic Tee by Cat+Jack from Target and a Patterned Baby Pink Hoodie Zippered Sweatshirt also by Cat+Jack. She has a matching Aqua Velvet Bow in her hair, purchased at an Etsy shop last year before the Holidays. I am sporting a casual but put-together Layered Monochromatic Outfit with my Grey Skinny Moto Jeans by Target, Silver Patent Leather Loafers by Express, Sky Blue+White Striped Popover Poplin Shirt by Banana Republic and my Light-Wash Designer Denim Jacket. All I have on is some Nude Lipgloss and Dangly Earrings, oh and a ponytail lol.

Shop Outfit #1
So, as I mentioned these outfits were worn last week and I love my new Fleece Abercrombie Pullover - currently on sale too, same price I paid for it. I purchased this pullover in two colors and want a third one - the Heather Grey One. The Quilted Blush Pink of the Pullover matched perfectly with these New Baby Pink Sneakers by Wal Mart - yes Wal Mart. Vivian has matching ones. Both are in kids sizes. I am wearing size 5 Girls while Vivian has a size 10 for little girls. I am lucky enough to have small feet (6.5 size) so I can fit into so many cute kids sneakers and I may have bought a few pairs of shoes in kids' departments before lol. I love the Rose Gold Stripe on these sneakers. They look like some Nikes I have seen which cost way more. Last Sunday I wore these sneakers for the first time - while Viv has been wearing hers for a few weeks now, in school too. And I wore my Skinny Black Absolution Jeans by Nordstrom on the bottom. I did a full face of makeup that day though, but all natural. And those Pave Pink Square Studs I have raved before here were also by Wal Mart and I love them. I have worn them all month long. Ditto on these Ombre Pink+Tortoise Sunglasses by Ann Taylor. I must say though, as far as this Athleisure Outfit goes, it's as far as casual as I go for/dress. Sneakers+jeans+sweatshirt but all nicely-made pieces so I still look put together. What about you?! What is a casual athleisure look you often wear?!

Shop Outfit #2

Hope I can post more Mommy+Me Sundays Posts on the blog soon. Stay tuned!

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!