Monday, October 22, 2018

Autumn - Poetry.

I don't even need "to explain' the poem below. I don't even have to title it, really. If you read it, you will know that I am talking about Fall. It is my favorite season and especially my most favorite season in Michigan where I reside. If you love Fall or Autumn as much as I do, you should visit Michigan during Fall. It is breathtaking. Pictures, poems like mine or articles you might have read about it don't do it justice! 

I hope you like this little poem today, let me know. =)

[October 22nd 1.00 PM.]

A leaf or twelve... one green, one yellow, one orange, one teal, one red, one rusty...
a mountain of leaves in different shapes... a heart, a palm, a classic, a pear, a triangle, a flowery one,
a beautiful foliage of burgundy shades, bright, warm, cozy, neutral and rich Autumn colors,
so pretty - like a picture, so grand - like the tip of a mountain...

Trees undressed and under-dressed, some feel cold and some are shaky,
some tall and skinny with the wind blowing through their naked branches,
some full and bushy with the rain dripping from each beautiful leaf,
some stripping their green and yellow and turning it into maroon and bourdeaux...

Chilly cold water running through the narrow river close by,
little ducks walking gently as it if was an ice-skating ring,
images of trees and birds showing through the water like silhouettes,
orange, sage and white pumpkins decorating porches, front doors, stores and restaurants...

People walking and admiring the beauty of Fall,
some wearing heavy layers: scarves, beanies, coats, down vests and floppy hats,
some looking stylish in plaid, leopard and camouflage, 
some hiding behind masks, Halloween makeup and costumes...

Kids running in their jeans and leggings, their little hands freezing a little,
they are jumping with joy through piles of crackling leaves,
moms holding on to their cups of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Caramel Mochas,
dads carving pumpkins, watching Football while they sip on beer, and telling ghost stories...

Scarecrows, Jack-o-Lanterns, hanging skeletons, gourds and dry corn cobs wherever the eye can see,
rain and hail falling and causing shivers down our skin,
umbrellas opening and closing quickly as we walk wearing our Hunter boots through the water,
more beautiful foliage and an amazing hazy sky as the days get darker faster and we say Goodnight!