Saturday, October 20, 2018

Basically, It Is Very You!

I am finally, finally blogging this work outfit. Yes, the day it was worn, was warm and humid enough outside that I forewent the blazer (though I wore it a couple of hours inside) and decided to take the photos without it, outside, instead. And these are cell-phone pics snapped in the parking lot very quickly by a co-worker who just loved my outfit so much. She said it was one of my best! She described it (and I quote) as "classy, sexy, feminine, bold and colorful." "Basically, it is very you." - she said. Of course her words put a huge smile on my face and I thought about that last sentence she said...

Basically - and my co-worker was right - this outfit is very me. Why?! Because A) I wear whatever the fuck I want (and I mean that in the most humane and most humble way). B) I have different outfits for different days and different moods. C) I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. D) I love to show a lot of leg. E) I am not afraid to mix patterns, textures, styles, colors and trends, which is exactly what I did for this outfit too. F) Red is my favorite color and also a color that looks great on me. I wear red a lot and when I do, I feel like I have this extra glow. And G) I love and wear a lot of color. I think this last point sort of 'gave it away' that this is an Ada Outfit in a nutshell. Truth be told, I did love this outfit and it totally went to a dinner date afterwards. I felt beautiful in it, especially since I loved the way my hair+makeup looked too. Don't you love it when hair and makeup cooperate when it comes to an outfit you just love?! I do. This was one of those days and I am glad my friend decided to snap a few photos and I snapped some selfies too with my phone, since I didn't have time to photograph it otherwise. I love my thick Wool-Blend Wrap-Style Pencil Skirt so much. It is by Loft and I am convinced that in the last 12-24 months especially Loft has had by far THE BEST SKIRTS out of all the 'typical' usual mall stores/brands out there. I paired it with this Red Sleeveless 100% Silk Pussybow Blouse by White House Black Market - they always have such pretty, well-made blouses. I decided to add a third color - as if red and pink weren't bold enough lol - and chose my Suede Kitten Heel Royal Blue Nine West Pumps. Both the blouse and pumps have been in my closet for quite some years. I also have on Beautiful Stone+Metal Chandelier Statement Earrings by Loft. As far as my lipstick it is between a fuchsia and a magenta. So, after seeing this outfit on me, do you think it is very me?! What outfits make you - very you?!I would love to know in the comments.

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